Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Happenings--2015

November was another month full of lots of memory making.  Our favorite part of November was going on our family vacation to St. George (more on that a little later in the post).  So here it is, what we did in November in pictures.

The time change really threw Tanner off, especially on Sundays.  Our church starts at 11 so around 1 (which really was 2 before the time change), Tanner would throw the biggest tantrums during nursery.  I just decided to bring him home where I'd sit him in his high chair to hurry and feed him lunch.  For about 4 weeks in a row, without fail, Tanner would fall asleep in his high chair right before I sat lunch out on his high chair tray.  Poor little guy was completely exhausted. 
Mason LOVES popcorn.  He'd been asking and asking for weeks if we could go to the popcorn store (the movie theater) to get some popcorn.  So one day we gave in.  We drove to the movie theater in the Riverwoods unloaded everyone out of the car and walked inside and ordered 1 SMALL popcorn.  Our total came to $8.52.  That's the last time we are visiting "the popcorn store" for just popcorn, but it sure made 2 little boys pretty happy. 
We had Thanksgiving at the Mecham's this year.  Along with every other holiday, Thanksgiving is way different with kids.  Mason loved sitting at the kids table, but wouldn't eat one bite of Thanksgiving dinner and Tanner loved the Thanksgiving dinner, but hated sitting at the kids table.  Tanner did pretty good at the adults table, until a small amount of mashed potatoes touched his fingers and our little Tanner had a complete come apart.  When we finally got Tanner calmed down, Mason and cousins were fighting over toys and soon it seemed as if all 6 grandkids were crying at the same time.  It was definitely BEYOND nap time for everyone.  After a delicious Thanksgiving dinner we took the kids outside, which made a world of difference.  Soon it was time for pies and time to go home and put Mason and Tanner down for bed.  I love Thanksgiving and even admist all the choas and screaming children, I'm still able to thank Heavenly Father for all my many blessings!

We took a small trip to St. George the day after Thanksgiving.  We had so much fun and we are so grateful that we got to spend time with family. 
Friday, November 27, 2015
We left early, hoping that the kids would sleep in the car.  We stopped at a gas station to let Mason pick out a small treat, he chose sour brite crawlers and a blue slurpee.  I wasn't really thinking when I let Mason drink his blue slurpee and eat his treat so early in the morning, but about 30 minutes outside Filmore Mason started saying he didn't feel good.  I told him just to close his eyes for a minute.  He kept telling me he didn't feel good and soon he threw up blue slurpee everywhere.  We stopped in Fillmore, got mason all cleaned up, ate lunch at Wendy's, and were on our way again.  Finally Mason and Tanner both fell asleep in the car and slept the rest of the way to St. George.  We finally got to St. George around 1:00.  We unpacked our car then waited for the rest of the family to arrive.  After everyone arrived we rode out to the riding spot.   We had such a fun time spending the rest of the evening riding dirt bikes and the quad runners.  After the sun went down it got a little chilly, so we packed up the bikes and headed back to our condo.  That night we had Firhouse Subs for dinner and of course Nielson's custord for dessert. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015
The boys woke up early Saturday to go out shooting.  The girls headed out, to the riding spot, a few hours later.  We ate lunch out at the riding sopt then spent the rest of the evening riding.  Mason had so much fun and he even got a chance to ride one of the little 4-wheelers.  As we were getting ready to load the bikes, Lin and Meg decided to take one more last ride on the 4-wheeler.  They decided to go up a hill which the 4-wheeler couln't make it up.  The 4-wheeler ended up tipping backwards on it's end.  Lin and Meg hurried and got out of the way, hoping it wouldn't roll anymore.  As they hurried out of the way a rock came down and hit Lin in the face.  She got banged up pretty good, but other then that, there were no serious injuries.   I know we were being watched over that night, especially Lin and Meg.  Things could have been a lot worse.  I sat in the car with the kids while the others helped get Lin cleaned up.  While I sat in the car Bud said the sweetest little prayer that Lin would be ok.  I'm so grateful for prayer, especially that sweet little prayer that a 6 year old gave. 
That night we went back to our condos  and had pizza for dinner and, again, Nielson's Frozen Custord for dessert. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015
We woke up and went to church then went over to Amy and Jared's condo to eat lunch.  We had a delicious lunch of pulled pork sandwhiches.  Mer and Garrett had to leave and so did Casey, but me and the boys stayed back so we could enjoy one last day in St. George. 
After telling Casey good-bye, we rode in the car with mom and dad to go see some dinosaur tracks.  It was a fun little hike and everyone had a great time.  When we got back I put the boys to bed and did a puzzle with my family. 

Monday, November 30, 2015
We woke up, got the condo cleaned then headed home. 
We had such a fun trip.  We were sad it had to come to an end.  Were looking forward to when we get to go next year. 

And another month in the books.