Friday, September 30, 2016

September Happenings--2016

With a new baby around, our September was pretty relaxing.  Here is a little of what we were up to during the month of September.
Casey's pool closed at the beginning of September, so we took them for one last swim.  The boys had so much fun swimming.  We even had the pool, pretty much, all to ourselves.  This was pretty much my first time taking out baby Blake as well.  He was a champ and slept the entire time.

Baby Blake
The boys playing hide and seek.  The sun was shining right through the window so their shadows made it easy to find them.
More of baby Blake.  Can you tell we are kind of fond of our new little guy?!?!

Celebrated Casey's 32nd birthday.  We went to dinner at Red Robin then had his family over for cake and ice cream.
Blake turned 1 month old.
I just can't seem to get enough of his hair.

We celebrated Mason's 4th birthday. 

On September 18th we blessed our little Blake in church.  Casey gave Blake such a wonderful father's blessing.  We were so blessed to be supported by all our family.  Blake's baby blessing was such a wonderful day.  I'm so grateful for the Priesthood which blesses our family so much and I'm so grateful that Casey holds that special, sacred honor of holding the priesthood so he can give our little boys blessings.

Found Mason sleeping by his construction trucks.
Baby Blake and his awesome hair.

All the heart eyes.  Blake at 6 weeks old.
Blake and Casey
These boys love grandpa
Mason and Tanner had their 4 year and 2.5 year check-ups.  They both did great until it was time for Mason to get his kindergarten shots.  He kicked me and the nurse trying to get away and he screamed so loud that the doctor came back in to make sure we were OK.  I'm definitely taking Casey when our other kids need kindergarten shots.  That night we rewarded the boys with Krispy Kreme donuts.  They were pretty happy. 
Blake fell asleep on his tummy with his bottom in the air.
We loved being able to have a low key September and enjoy spending time with our new little Blake.   

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mason at 4 years old and Tanner at 2.5

It's kind of nice having these two boys 1.5 years apart, because semi yearly and yearly check-ups usually fall around the same time.  Our trip to the doctor for their check-ups was an adventure.  Luckily, Casey was able to watch Blake for me so I didn't have to take him out of the house at only 1 month old. 
Mason at 4 years old:
Weight--34lbs.  (38th %)
Height--39 in. (39th %)
Mason ended up getting his kindergarten shots at his check-up.  He kicked and screamed the entire time, but after they were given, he finally calmed down.
Tanner at 2.5:
Weight--24lbs. (8th %)
Height--33in. (7th %)
Tanner remains our little guy.
Tanner got the flu shot and handled it like a champ!
That night Casey and I took the boys to Krispy Kreme, for donuts, for handling their doctor visits and shots so well. 
We love these boys!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mason Turns 4

I can't believe my Mason is 4 years old!   Mason made me a mom and I couldn't be happier with what a sweet, happy, loving, kind, and silly boy he is becoming. 
Mason turned 4 on September 16th.  Mason woke up bright and early for his birthday.  He was so excited.  Mason loves digger construction trucks, so I had decorated the house in digger trucks. 
We ate breakfast then got ready for the day.  We then met Casey at Lowe's Extreme Air Sports.  Mason loves this place and he and Tanner had so much fun playing around. 
After Lowe's, I took the boys to Pier 49 Pizza.  Mason loves pizza and he was so excited that we got to go here for lunch. 
After lunch we went to the park.  One of the only things Mason wanted to do on his birthday was play with his friends.  So we invited them to play at the park and eat birthday popsicles.  Meg, Mabel, and Maccoy joined us at the park.  Mason had so much fun playing with Mabel on his birthday.
  After the park it was home for naps.  After naps, Mason got to open his presents.  He got a backhoe loader truck, Grave Digger the legend, and some new clothes.  Mason was so excited about his new presents. 

After opening presents, we took Mason to his favorite restaurant, Taco Amigo.  Mom, Dad, Myrn, and Lin came with us. 
After dinner, we drove home.  Grandma and Grandpa "Christmas" came over to celebrate Mason's birthday.  They gave Mason a construction site plate set.  We sang Happy Birthday to Mason and he blew out the candles on his construction sight cake.  We then had cake and ice cream. 

After cake and ice cream, we said goodbye to grandma and grandpa and got ready for bed.  Mason's birthday continued the next morning with grandma and grandpa coming to visit and bringing Mason donuts, new clothes, and a construction sight dump truck.  Mason sure was spoiled by those that love him so much. 
We sure love our little Mason and we are so grateful that he is part of our family!!
Here are 4 things about our Mason and 4 years old:
1.  Mason loves all kinds of trucks.  Monster trucks, digger trucks, auto haulers, semi trucks, you name it and Mason loves them.  He can also name all the different types of trucks.  You point to a truck and Mason can name it for you.
2.  Mason loves books.  He loves looking at them, try to read them, and loves to be read to.  Mason has about 20 books in a small bin that he likes to sleep by on this bed.  I hope Mason always continues to have a strong love for books and reading.
3.  Mason learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Casey has been working with him on it and he finally got it!
4.  Mason loves any chance he gets to spend time with family.  If he had it his way, he'd have Family Home Evening every night. 
We love you Mason!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Blake at 1 Month Old

Our little Blakey is already one month old.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  We love baby Blake so much and we are so grateful he is part of our family. 
Here are 10 things about Blake at 1 month old:
1.  Blake still sleeps a lot!  He is also sleeping really well through the night, about 5-6 hours.
2.  Blake eats about 8 times a day and is eating about 2.5 oz.
3.  Blake is very very loved by his older brothers Mason and Tanner.
4.  Blake loves to be held.
5.  Blake loves to eat!
6.  Blake loves to be swaddled.
7.  Blake has the cutest blond hair!
8.  Blake has been out of the house only once at 1 month old.  We took Mason and Tanner swimming at Casey's work and Blake was a champ and slept the entire time.
9.  Blake has been opening his eyes a little more and will make eye contact with you.
10.  Blake is almost back to his birth weight, weighing 7lbs. 8oz. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blake Newborn Pictures

Blake at just 5 days old had his newborn pictures.  I love how they turned out. I love this little guy so much and I'm so grateful he is part of our little family.