Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Our February was like everyone else, we stayed inside to keep out from the cold.  Although we stayed inside most of the winter, we still had fun and made lots of new memories.  Here is a little overview of our February.
1.  Our little Blake turned 6 months old. He is such a joy in our family.

2.  Tanner went to his first birthday party. He was invited to Sam Benson's (in our ward) 3rd birthday party.  They had fun coloring, playing games, and eating cake.  Tanner was a little nervous to stay by himself so I ended up staying with him.

3.  Horsey rides
4.  My boys
5.  Blake trying out rice cereal.
6.  They boys sharing the kindle (rare moment at our house).
7.  Valentine's Day.  We celebrated by having a candle light pizza dinner with our little family.  I love celebrating Valentine's Day with my boys.
8.  Valentine's Day lunch.
9.  Blake learned to roll onto his tummy.
10.  Blake loves crossing his toes. 
11.  Mason trying on Blake's vest.  It's a little small.
12. Our first time to the park this year and Blake's first time in a swing.  He loved it!!

13.  Oh my Tanner.  I love him so much, but he definitely tries my patients. 
14.  On February 21st around 8:00 at night, we were playing around and Mason climbed up the side of our couch and toppled backwards landing on left elbow...again.  Casey and I immediately knew he had broken his arm again.  I took him to the doctors office.  And they scheduled me to get some x-rays done.  The x-rays came back positive that he again broke the bone right about his left elbow.  The next week he was in a sling and for the next 4 weeks after that he was in a blue cast.  I'm officially wrapping this boy in bubble wrap. 2 broken arms before he's even 5!!
15.  Mason in his sling.
16.  Tanner and Blakey bear.
17.  Blake fell asleep in his bouncer.
18.  The boys and I made an erupting volcano.  They boys had a blast painting it and setting it off.
19.  Mason and Blakey bear.
20.  Mason trying to find every position possible to find comfort while wearing a sling.
21.  Mason's broken arm sure has made him tired. 
22.  Tanner!!
We had a great February.  We are excited for March and for spring to come so we can start doing more fun things outside. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blake at 6 months old

Our little Blake brings us so much joy.  Blake turned 6 months old on February 9th.  Here are10 things about Blake at 6 months old. 

1.  Blake has the biggest smile. 
2.  He is starting to like solid foods a little better.
3.  He still loves his bottle and drinks about 5  5oz bottles/day.
4.  Blake is still the best sleeper and has not problem sleeping 8-10 hours a night.
5.  Blake takes 2 2-3 hour naps/day.
6.  Blake makes the cutest baby sounds.
7.  Blake loves his brothers, but seems to be a little unsure of the way Tanner shows his love towards him.
8.  At 6 months Blake weighs 13 lbs. (3rd %) and is 25" tall (15th %).
9.  Blake loves to be held.
10.  He's definitely a mommy's boy.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I can't believe January is here and gone.  Here is a little peek into our month of January.

1.  New Year's Day was a little bit of a bust this year.  We had plans to celebrate with family, but everyone seemed to get sick.  We had family members sick in every family so we ended up staying home on New Year's Day and celebrating with just our little family. 
2.  Tanner gave Blake his first haircut (insert shocked emoji here).  Tanner found some scissors and went to town on Blake's hair.  Thank goodness it was just his hair and not his eyes or something.  Blake seemed to handle his first haircut pretty well and his precious blond locks didn't face too much damage.
3.  Monster Jam was a huge hit with the boys this year!  They were both glued up to the very end when Mason fell asleep.  Tanner especially loved every minute of the Monster Jam this year.  His favorite monster truck was Zombie. 
We started our fun outing by taking Blake to Myrn's house.  Her and mom switched off watching Blake for us.  After dropping off Blake we drove up to Salt Lake and went to eat at Crown Burger.  They give free valet parking to the arena if you eat there, so that is exactly what we did.  After lunch we walked over to the arena.  Casey got us Dippin Dots and we were ready for the show to start.  The monster trucks that were at the show:  Mohawk Warrior, Zombie, Grave Digger, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, El Toro Loco, Max D, NEA Police, and Scooby Doo.  Mason's favorite monster truck was NEA Police because it was blue. 
The show was great.  Very entertaining and we even had awesome seats.  We are excited to take the boys next year.

4.  Blake at 5 months old.

5. Mason loves doing quiet time with Casey on Sunday afternoons.
6.  One Sunday we stayed home for dinner.  It was just our little family. After dinner we made a little obstacle course for the boys to go through.  We said the green crate paper was lasers and they couldn't touch the lasers, or they had do start at the very beginning again.  It was fun watching the boys find ways to get through the different lasers. When they got to the end they had a yummy cinnamon roll treat waiting for them.  The  boys loved this activity. 

7.  Oh Blakey we love you!

8.  It snowed and snowed for a few days straight.  When it stopped snowing we took the boys over to grandma and grandpas and pulled them in the tube behind the 4-wheeler. They loved every minute of it. 
10. Blake's hair!!
11.  Tanner loves Blake
12.  Mason has been practicing writing his letters.
13.  Blake is often found crossing his feet over.
14.  Mason loves Blake
15.  Blake is growing so fast and almost out growing his Doc-A-Tot.
January is already over and we are now into February. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Blake at 5 Months Old

Blake turned 5 months old on January 9, 2017.  Here are 10 things about Blake at 5 months old:
1.  Blake wears size 1 diapers
2.  Blake wears size 3-6 month clothes
3.  Blake laughs, giggles, and smiles
4.  He is starting to enter the stranger danger phase
5.  He is scared of loud sounds including the vacuum.
6.  Listening to his baby talk is to die for.
7.  He eats 5 bottles a day of 5 oz. 
8. He still sleeps through the night.
9.  He's rolling over from back to tummy and occastionaly from tummy to back.
10.  He's super ticklish.

We love you Blakey Bear!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Happenings--2016

December was magical this year and it's mostly because we got to spend so much time with family.  Here is what we were up to during the month of December.
Tanner loves getting in Blake's bed each morning and telling him hello.

One morning off to a bad start.  Mason and Tanner spilled the entire bag of chocolate chips all over the kitchen floor.
Our little Blakey is growing so fast.
Casey's work had their annual Christmas party.  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this party.  I like getting all dressed up, having Myrn do my hair and make-up, and going out with Casey, but I hate leaving the boys.  They were in good hands though with my mom and dad.  The dinner was delicious--pot roast, potatoes and gravy, and yummy dessert too.  All in all it was a fun evening.
Blake trying to hold his own bottle.
The boys acutally sharing.  They were enjoying watching Rescue Bots together on the Kindle.
Blakey (all the heart eyes)

I taught Mason and Tanner about the birth of our Savior and the first Christmas.  They had fun putting stickers on their little paper manger scenes as I told the story.
Blake at 4 months old. (December 9, 2016)

I love these boys.
Blake is getting so big.  He squirms right out of his little baby bouncer.  I have to strap him in now so he doesn't fall out.
More of little Blake.  He wiggles right out of his swaddle.  He is growing way too fast.

I love the tradition of going to see The Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater.  This year we went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A then headed over to the play.  I love the play and I'm grateful that Casey will watch the boys for me while I go.
Our annual Furr family Christmas party was so fun this year.  Grandma and Grandpa paid for a balloon lady to come and all the grandkids got balloons.  Blake got a Santa hat, Tanner got a motorcycle, and Mason got a monster truck.  We also played games and had a delicious dinner.  We only get together with the Furr side of the family about once a year so it's fun to see cousins and be with grandpa and grandma.

How did I get so lucky to have the cutest baby around!

One night we took the boys to the mall.  We walked outside and watched the water fall feature.

 Christmas songs would come on and the water would do a little show.  The boys loved dancing around.
Amy and I took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese one day during Christmas break.  We ate pizza and played the arcade games.  The monster truck seemed to be a favorite among all the kids.  Mason and Tanner had so much fun, but I think their favorite part was getting so be with Amy's kids!

Ry, Meg, and us all went down to the Riverwoods to see the lights.  The lights at the Riverwoods are beautiful around Christmas time.  We had such a fun night.

Christmas Eve-We spent Christmas Eve day making cookies for Santa, writing Santa a letter, and cleaning the house so Santa would leave presents.  We spent Christmas Eve night with mom and dad, Myrn and Garrett, and Ry and Meg.  We had a delicious ham dinner with potatoes, homemade rolls, and jello. After dinner we played games and read the Christmas story.  After the Christmas story, we decided to head home.  So Myrn and I wrote Santa a letter then left him a few of his favorite treats and Casey and I headed home.  After we got home, Casey and I let the boys open one present...their Christmas pajamas.  After opening Christmas pajamas we headed for bed.  For the boys had to be in bed before Santa arrived:).
Santa came to visit
Christmas Day-- Christmas day was magical and I loved being able to spend it with family.  We woke up early on Christmas day to a whole bunch of new snow!  We ate breakfast that mom and dad brought over (we love this tradition) and then let the kids open one present (their church clothes).  We then got ready for church.  We went to church with mom and dad because mom was speaking and dad was singing in the choir.  All my siblings were there and it was so fun to be at church on Christmas Day and to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.
After church we went home and opened one more present (Christmas clothes).  We got dressed then opened the rest of the presents that Santa had left under our tree.  Mason got the new shiny red bike he had wanted and Tanner got his own little trampoline to put downstairs.  Watching the boys open each one of their presents and being so excited make all the stress, money, and late night wrapping, totally worth it.
After presents we went over to Chris and Roz's for lunch.  It was so fun spending the afternoon with family.
After Chris and Roz's we head to my family's for the rest of the evening.  We exchanged sibling gifts, grand kid gifts and gifts to mom and dad.  Again, it was so much fun spending such a special day with the ones I love the most.
We came home and put three exhausted little boys to bed.  I love Christmas and getting to spend it with my little family is pure bliss.
New Years Eve--New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays and this year didn't disappoint.  I loved spending the evening with family...again.  We started the night at mom and dads for a soup dinner.  Then we headed to the shop for a fantastic, yet cold, firework show.  After the fireworks Casey and I took our boys home and put them to bed, then I went back to mom and dad's to ring in the New Year with games, horn blowers, and fresh lime drinks.  New Year's Eve was a blast!

And that's a wrap.  On to January of 1017!