Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blake Chris Mecham

Our little Blake is finally here and we couldn't be happier.  As with Mason and Tanner, I like to document their birth story so I can always remember it.  So, here is Blake's birth story. 

This pregnancy was completely different from Mason and Tanner's.  With Mason and Tanner consistently measuring small, I was sent to get non stress tests starting at about 32 weeks with Mason and 35 with Tanner.  With Blake he consistently measured just right until 38 weeks.  At 38 weeks my doctor sent me to get a NST.  Everything checked out to be just fine so I scheduled my 39 week appointment.  I'm not going to lie.  I thought for sure the doctor, at my 38 week appointment, would tell me he'd induce me at 39 weeks.  I was a little bummed when he sent me to get an NST and I had to go another week of not knowing the plan for this little guy to arrive. 
By this time I was so uncomfortable.  Every muscle in my body ached and I was beyond ready for this little guy to arrive. 
At my 39 week appointment (Thursday, August 4th)  the doctor checked me.  I was at a 4 at 70%.  My doctor said that for sure I would go into labor that weekend and if by some chance I didn't, then he'd induce me that following Tuesday. Part of me wanted to go into labor, but part of me didn't.  My doctor would not be on call that weekend and I really wanted my doctor to deliver our baby.  That was one reason I wanted to wait.  The other reason was, I was scared I wouldn't know I was in labor and I wouldn't get to the hospital in time to get the epidural.  I left my 39 week appointment hoping our little guy wouldn't come until Tuesday. 
On Monday I took the boys to Classic Fun Center and that night our little family of 4 went to our favorite restaurant, Joe Bandito's.
My prayers were answered.  Tuesday morning rolled around and still no baby.  We were scheduled to be to the hospital by 6:45 on Tuesday morning. My mom came to watch the boys that morning.  Before we left I walked into their rooms and kissed them on their sleepy little faces.  I knew Mason and Tanner were excited for our little baby to arrive, but the change that comes with a new little baby had me all emotional.  Casey came and dragged me out of Mason and Tanner's rooms and we left.  I knew the boys were in the best of hands with my mom watching over them while I was in the hospital. 
We arrived at the hospital and got checked in and then they showed us to our room, where I got dressed into my gown.  The kind nurses got me all hooked up to monitors, put my IV in (which took them 4 different pokes to get in), and at 8:00 started the Pitocin. 
Around 9-9:30.  I asked for the epidural.  and by 9:45 I was resting easy with no pain;)  By this time Casey decided to run grab some breakfast at McDonald's.  I rested while watching Home Improvement and the Olympics. 
At 10:15 my doctor came in and decided to break my water.  I was at about a 5.  As the doctor was getting ready to break my water, Casey came back from breakfast. 
After my water was broken and the monitors placed into place, the nurses noticed the baby's heart rate fluctuating.  The heart rate was fluctuating enough that the nurses decided to put some internal monitors on the baby's head.  As the nurse went to place them, she said no wonder the baby's heart rate is going crazy, you are ready to deliver.  I couldn't believe it, I went from a 5 to a 10 in about 15 minutes.  The nurses quickly called my doctor to come back.  He hadn't even made it back to his car by the time the nurses called him back.  The doctor was back in about 15 minutes and we were ready to deliver our little guy.
The doctor got all ready, took one look and said, "don't push," and out came our little baby boy.  The doctor called it an official "No Push" delivery.  The doctor also said that the cord was the shortest cord he had ever seen.  All the cords on our babies have been short, so Casey hasn't gotten to cut any of them (he's ok with that though).  Blake was born at 11:00, after only 3 hours of labor. 
They wiped off our little guy and weighed him.  He was our biggest baby yet, weighing in at 7lbs. 10oz. and 20" long.  The nurse then handed him to me.  He had a head full of blond hair.  Casey and I took one look at him and knew he was definitely a Blake. 
The hour after giving birth are always my favorite.  I can always feel the spirit so strong as Casey and I get to spend time together with our new little gift that came straight from our Father in Heaven.  Everything about Blake was completely perfect and I can't help but thank my Heavenly Father, countless times, for our perfect little Blake. 

The nurses soon brought in some food for me to eat and soon it was time to be moved to my room where I'd stay for the remainder of my hospital stay.  
Mom, dad, Myrn, and Garrett brought Tanner and Mason to the hospital to see their new baby brother.  Mason and Tanner were instantly filled with love for him.  Mason especially couldn't take his eyes off of baby Blake. 
The nurse came in to give Blake his very first bath (they now do this in the mother's room now).  It was so fun to have our little family there to see Blake be bathed for the first time.  Mason had so many questions and sat right next to Blake, making sure no one hurt him.


After the nurse was done, mom, dad, Garrett, and Mryn took Mason and Tanner back home for naps.  Casey also left a few minutes after everyone else so he could go spend some time with the boys. 
Amy and Lin came to visit me, along with all Amy's kids.  It was so fun to have them come meet our little Blake for the first time.  No one could believe how much blond hair he had. 
Chris and Roz also came and later that evening mom and dad came back, along with Mryn and Garrett.  Lin came back also and spent the rest of the evening at the hospital with me.  We watched the Olympics together.  I sent Blake back to the nursery to spend the night around 11:00.
The next morning I got up and ready for the day.  I called the nurses and they brought me Blake.  I love the hospital stay because I just get to rest and enjoy holding my new baby all day long.  We had lots of visitors: Myrn and Garrett, Roz, Andy and Tayci, mom and dad, Daniel and Stacy and their boys, Ry, Meg, and Mabel and Maccoy, and Chris, Emily, and Branson.  Casey also came with Mason and Tanner.   
Blake's pediatrician came in to check on Blake.  He said he heard a heart murmur.  I was so nervous about something being wrong with Blake's heart.  They did some tests (MRI) on him and brought him back.  All the tests came back normal and I couldn't of been more grateful!
The next day, mom and dad came to visit one more time in the morning.  Then mom went and picked up the boys from Casey and Casey came down to the hospital to help me pack up and get ready to go home.
By the time we were ready to go, it was bout 3:00 in the afternoon.  The kind nurse wheeled me down to our car and Casey, Blake, and I were off.  We went and picked up my prescriptions and then went home to Mason and Tanner.  Mom had put them down for their naps and was just waiting for us to get home. I love the hospital stay, but I was so grateful to be home with our little family again.
I am so grateful for the kind nurses and doctor that helped get our little Blake here safely and to those that took such good care of me and Blake while we were in the hospital.  I am also so grateful to family who: helped watch over Tanner and Mason while I was away, came to visit me at the hospital, brought us in meals, etc.  We couldn't of done this without family.  And I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who gave us the perfect little addition to our family.  We love our little baby Blake!

August Happenings

August was an exciting month for us.  Our new addition to our family was definitely the highlight of our August.  Along with our little Blake being born, here are a few other things we did during the month of August. 
Casey had a golf tournament at work that he had to help out with.  So I took the boys to the pool while Casey helped with the tournament.  Mom and dad also came down.  We had a great time spending the evening at the pool then riding the golf carts to help Casey take down tents. 
Our baby Blake was born on August 9th.  He weighed 7lbs. 10oz and was 20" long. 

Tanner loves taking naps with no pants on.

We love our new little addition to our family. 
We just can't seem to get enough of him.
Mason loves taking his naps on my bed.  He loves to hold my hand while he falls asleep for his nap.
One day Mason fell asleep for his nap holding my hand and Blake fell asleep on my chest.  I was in complete heaven.
Casey took the boys to his work to swim.  Casey's work was having a Food Truck party.  Casey and the boys had fun swimming, eating dinner at the food trucks, and getting ice cream for dessert.  They had a great time. 

And more of Baby Blake

And more

My mom and sister (Lindsey) gave me this outfit when I found out I was having another boy.  Blake looks so cute in it.
That hair!!
One day I found a banana peel in the fridge.  I guess Tanner had pushed a chair over to the counter, grabbed  a banana, peeled it, ate it, and left the peel in the fridge. 
Blakey in his new bed...the Doc-A-Tot. 

He's just so cute!!

Grandma giving Blake a bath in the little red tub.  My mom comes and baths the baby for about a month after a new baby is born.  My mom coming over after I have a baby is seriously what gets me though those first few weeks of just having a baby.  I love my mom so much and I'm so grateful for all her help.
Casey and Blake
And more of Blake...we just can't seem to get enough of this little guy.

We're pretty cool.
And that's a wrap. A busy month full of our little Blakey.