Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Happenings--2015

Here is what we were up to in the month of October in pictures:

Our 2015 annual Surf-N-Turf was a huge success.  We had a delicious dinner of steak, rolls, salad, jello salad, potatoes, and cookies and cakes for desserts.  As usual we had the bounce house there, which Mason actually loved this year!!  We always look forward to this tradition and we had a fun time. 

We took Mason to Casey's work a few times to try out his new golf clubs, that he got for his birthday, on the putting range.  Mason lasted about 15 minutes putting around, before he just picked up the ball and started dropping it in all the holes.

Parker came over to play one day.
We went with Casey's family to Jaker's in Springville.  We had fun going down the slides, playing in the corn pits, looking at the farm animals in the petting zoo, and riding the trailer being pulled by the big tractor.  I always love this tradition and I know Mason and Tanner loved it too. 

Mom, Amy, Stacy, Meg, Lin, Mer, and Me all took a girls night out to go to dinner at Kneaders and then go see Once I Was a Beehive.  We had so much fun.  I love and always look forward to girls night. 
Having Jack-O-Lantern pizza around Halloween is always fun!
Mason and Tanner's Fruit Loops mess.
We, along with Mom and Dad, Ry and Meg, and Myrn and Garrett, all went up to Sundance to ride the Haunted Lift Ride.  It was a little cold, but we bundled up and had so much fun.  Tanner and Mason loved every minute of it!  After we went and got hot chocolate.
Carving pumpkins.

Our monkey Mason doing tricks on his bike.
Celebrating Halloween.  We celebrated with Casey's family by doing a table or treat in Chris and Roz's backyard.  Then we celebrated with my family by doing a table or treat in the orchard.  Everyone decorated their tables so cute.  On Halloween we took the boys around our neighborhood, with Ry and Meg, to go trick-or-treating.  By the time we got to some of the last houses Mason was so tired.  We ended the night at a party at Myrn and Garretts. 


We had a fun Halloween and a wonderful October!