Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tanner at 11 Months

I can't believe our little Tanner is already 11 months old, he'll be one next month.  Tanner turned 11 months old on February 25th, where has the time gone?!?!?!
Here are 11 things about Tanner at 11 months old. 

1.  Tanner loves the tub.  When we turn on the tub each night to bath Mason, Tanner hears the water turn on and beat lines it to the tub.  If we don't let him get in with Mason, he'll throw the biggest fit.  Once he is in the tub he'll make the biggest water messes by splashing.  By the time he is done, there is water everywhere.

2.  Tanner still loves food.  He is down to only 2 bottles a day, one in the morning and one at night (I'm trying to wing him off of bottles completely within the next couple of months because I'm almost out of milk).  He loves his baby food, rice cereal mixed with mushed up fruit, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, bread, spaghetti, etc.  He's even tried regular milk and loves that too as long as you mix it with some chocolate syrup first.

3.  He's pretty good at sleeping through the night.  If he wakes up he usually just needs his binky put back in his mouth.  He goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up at about 8:30 in the morning.  He takes 2 naps a day each lasting between 2-3 hours. 

4.  Tanner learned to do Peek-A-Boo this last month and it's the cutest thing.  When you say "Peek-A-Boo Tanner" he'll bring his little hands up to his eyes.  Sometimes he'll cover them and sometimes you still see those cute little eyes peeking through his hands. 

5.  Tanner crawls, but still prefers his little army crawl if he needs to get somewhere fast.  He also does this weird crawl that he learned from Mason where he crawls on his feet and hands.  He usually does this crawl when he has no pants on and he doesn't like the feel of the floor on his legs.   

6.  Tanner has 2 front and bottom teeth.  He also has a few molars coming in on the top. 

7.  Tanner wears 6-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

8.  He still has the biggest smile. 

9.  Tanner is getting pretty attached to me (his mom).  When he wants me to pick him up, he'll crawl over to me, head butt my legs, and start to crawl up them.  He's even starting to reach for me when someone else is holding him.

10.  Tanner is super ticklish.  He loves being tickled on his upper thighs, arm pits, tummy, and he's also really ticklish on the palm of his hands.  Tanner hats things to touch the palm of his hands unless it's his soft blankets.  I'm not sure if it's because he's ticklish their or doesn't like the feel of textures. 

11.  Tanner loves to be around people.  If he's in a room by himself  he'll quickly crawl to where he hears voices.  Sometimes after I put Mason down for his naps, I close Mason's door so it's just a crack open and I go to get Tanner's room ready.  A few seconds later I hear Tanner playing with Mason's train set in Mason's room.  He loves to be around people, especially his brother, Mason.   

We love our little Tanny Tot!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

January Happenings--2015

I can't believe January is over.  2015 is already going by way too fast.  Here is a peek into what we did during the month of January.

January started out with celebrating the new year.  Amy and Jared invited us over to celebrate.  Daniel and Ryan and gone to St. George, so it was just us girls and mom and dad.  We had a delicious dinner of french toast.  Amy and Jared had made all different kinds of french toast including:  cinnamon toast (like they serve at kneaders), french toast covered in frosted flakes, regular french toast, and Minnie Mouse pancakes.  They also made made homemade syrup and had all different types of topping to put on your french toast.  Everything tasted delicious!!  After dinner we played games including a few rounds of Catch Phrase.  Mason and Ash had a great time playing together in Amy and Jared's playroom downstairs.  Right before it was time to leave, Mason and Ash decided to play dress up.  First Mason was a pirate princess, then he was Elsa.  We had a great time spending New Year's Day with family.

Most of all of Casey's family works in a school district, so we always like to get together during the holiday break, before everyone has to go back to work.  Case decided it would be fun to have some fun at his school.  We invited everyone for a pizza party and games.  We ordered pizza and breadsticks from Zubs Pizza and I brought a salad bar.  Everything was delicious.  After dinner a few of the girls (everyone except me and Roz) played basketball with the boys.  We had a fun evening!!

With both Mason and Tanner being sick most of the month of December and into January, I was in need of some much needed mom night out time.  So I called my best friends (my sisters) to hang out. We decided to do a craft night.  Garrett had made us these cute Easter egg decorations.  Meg, Lin, Myrn, and I had already arrived, and we were just waiting for Stacy (Amy and mom unfortunatly couldn't make it).  As we were waiting for Stacy we decided to get started on our craft.  Soon Myrn got a text from Stace that said Daniel had met her at Smith's to switch cars and give Daniel the kids and took both sets of car keys with him, needless to say she was stranded at Smith's.  So Lin, Myrn, Meg, and I hoped into Mer's car and we went and got her.  When we got back to Myrn's, a police car was parked next to Meg's car.  Come to find out Meg had accidently (I would of easily made the same mistake) parked in front of someone's driveway (it was really hard to tell it was someone's drive way, it just looked like a fence).  I guess Myrn's neighbors and super grumpy and they ended up calling the police about it.  In the end Meg got a ticket, but it sure made for an adventrous night.  Although the events of the night are quite what we expected, we still had a great time makeing our craft together and we are even going to make sister's night a monthly thing!!

We had plans to go to Disneyland in the begining of February, but with all the measles cases that kept coming up and since Tanner would not be immunized yet, we decided that we better not take the risk.  I was completly heart broken since some of my family members were going.  I just kept visualizing Mason's face when he saw Disneyland for the first time, which made me even sadder about not going.  Casey cheered me up by making our own Disneyland in our own home.  Mason and Tanner loved being able to ride "Indiana Jones," "Splash Mountain," and more.  Hopefully we'll really be able to take Mason and Tanner to Disneyland after Tanner is immunized.

I came across these pictures of Mason and Tanner that were taken back in November.  Mason sure loves spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Mecham.

Casey hates Phase 10, but played it with me anyways.  After playing all 10 phases, Casey won.

Casey started working at the shop for 3 hours, then taking Fridays off.  When Casey is working from 5:30-7 I have to come up with some creative things to do while he's gone.  This particular day I took the boys to the scrapbook sale.  They loved riding in the cart together.

One day Mason climbed up on a chair, then onto the counter, then onto Tanner's high chair to feed him is water.

Ry and Meg came over one night to play games.  Mabel and Mason had so much fun playing together.

Casey GRADUATED at the end of December with his bachelors in Technology Management.  He worked so hard to graduate and we couldn't be more proud of him.

Selfies on Mason's bed.

Tanner learned how to pull himself up to standing.  He loves standing next to Mason's train table and pulling it all apart.  Mason gets so angry when Tanner does this, he just keeps saying "no, no, no."

Tanner turned 10 months old.

Mason has a small obesssion with my jelly shoes.

What a great month to start out such a great ayear.

Tanner at 10 Months

Tanner turned 10 months old on January 25th.  Here are 10 things about 10 at 10 months old.
1.  Tanner has learned to crawl, but he still prefers to scoot to get around.  I guess he thinks it's faster.
2.  Tanner learned how to pull himself up to his knees and not too much longer after that he learned to pull himself up to his feet.  He loves pulling himself up to Mason's train table and pulling it all apart.
3.  When Tanner really needs me, he'll headbutt my legs and pull himself up to his knees, until I pick him up.
4.  Tanner is always smiling.
5.  Tanner loves playing with his other brother, Mason.  I often find the two in a bedroom with the door shut, playing together.
6.  Tanner loves riding in the front of a shopping cart.
7.  Tanner does pretty good sleeping through the night.  He usually wakes up around once.  I'll go put his binkie in and he'll fall right back to sleep.
8.  Tanner eats 3 bottles a day and 3 solid meals a day.  He only has 4 teeth so he pretty much just sticks to baby food still.
9.  Tanner wears 6-12 month clothes.  He has small feet (wears 3-6 month shoes) and small hands.  Tanner wears size 3 diapers.
10.  Tanner is like a human vacuum.  He's more interested in picking up every single crumb, wrapper, small piece of garbage, etc. off the floor and putting it in his mouth then he is with any of his toys.

We love our little Tanner Man!!