Monday, July 28, 2014

June Happenings

Here is a little of what we did during the month of June:

1.  One night we went to Firehouse Subs and took it to the park for dinner.  Mason wouldn't really eat his dinner because he was too distracted from the toys.  After we got done eating and letting Mason play on the playground, we decided it was time to go home.  We put Mason is his carseat and gave him our drink and chips.  He was in heaven.

2.  Once a week Mason, Tanner, and I like to go down to the shop and eat lunch with mom and dad/grandma and grandpa.  Mason loves to take Fork Lift rides with grandpa. 

3.  When this little guy will sleep without anyone holding him, it's a pretty big miracle. 

4.  Mason had a couple days of not feeling very good in June.  I made him a bed out on the coach for him to relax on during the day, but nothing seemed to help this little guy feel better. 

5.  Love this smiley baby!!

6.  One afternoon Casey went to my mom and dads to mow their lawn.  Tanner was loving life. 

7.  We've been spending a lot of our summer at the park.  This night we went and got Little Cesar's pizza and took it to the park.  After eating dinner we let Mason play on the toys. 

8.  Mason's new favorite treat is popsicles.  One night, at about 9:30, we let Mason watch his favorite movie, Mulan, while eating a popsicle.  He was one happy camper. 

9.  Ry and Meg brought Mabel and Maccoy over for a visit.  Mason loved Mabel's little red wagon. 

10.  Myrn and I went up to Traverse to do a little bit of shopping.  Tanner fell asleep like this in Myrn's arms.  He often falls asleep like this. 

11.  We love to take Mason to the Riverwoods splash pad.  Mason doesn't like getting too wet, but he loves being outside and running around. 

12.  We've done lots of swimming and been to get a few snow cones too. 

13.  We've spent summer nights outside on the front porch eating popsicles. 

14.We've been practicing tummy time!

Along with Summerfest, celebrating my birthday, and just enjoying summer, we had a fantastic June. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Girls St. George Trip 2014

Another girls St. George trip has come and gone and as always we had a blast. 
Wednesday, June 25th
We left Orem, around noon.  We stopped in Springville to pick up Stacy.  We drove to Beaver, then stopped so the kiddies could use the bathroom and run around for a bit.  When we walked into the gas station to use the restrooms we had Myrn, Amy, Stacy, I and 10 kids.  We got the strangest looks.  I think people thought we were Sister Wives. 
After our stop in Beaver, we drove the rest of the way to St. George.  Mason did pretty good in the car, but Tanner was a different story.  He pretty much cried the whole way down.  I felt so bad that Stacy and Oakley had to endure with his crying.
After getting to St. George we unloaded the cars then Myrn and I went and picked up pizza from Little Cesar's.  After eating dinner we went for a much needed late swim. 
After our swim we came back to the condo and got the kids ready for bed.  Tanner fell right to sleep, but Mason had a hard time falling asleep unless I was lying in the bed with him.  He finally fell asleep around 12:30, but slept the whole night through.
Today was also Tanner's 3 month birthday!!

Thursday, June 26th
Amy and Myrn went to Wal-Mart to get our food and groceries for the next couple of days.  Stacy and I sat back at the condo with the rest of the kids. 
After Amy and Myrn got back we ate breakfast then got ready to go to the pool.  With 10 kids, it was hard to do anything or go anywhere.  So we spent most of our time at the pool.  We had so much fun: swimming, sitting out in the sun, and eating popsicles when it was roasty toasty outside.  After out swim, we came back to eat lunch.  Mason was so tired that he fell asleep in the high chair.  He's never done this before, poor little guy was just so so tired.  I went and layed Mason in on the bed where he took a 2 hour nap.
After Mason woke up, Myrn and I went and checked into our hotel.  Some of us had to stay in a hotel this year because grandma and grandpa's condo was being used and there were just too many of us to stay in just one place. 
After checking into our hotel, we came back to the condo to go for another swim.  After our swim we went and got Olive Garden take-out for dinner and Dairy Queen blizzards for dessert. 
That night mom and Lin came down.  Mom, Myrn, Mason, Tanner, and I stayed in the hotel while the others stayed at the condo.  Both Mason and Tanner slept great.   

Friday, June 27th
Mom, Myrn, Mason, Tanner, and I woke up and got ready for the day then headed over to the Egg and I for breakfast.  After breakfast we started the morning out with a nice swim. 
After our swim I took Mason back to the condo where I fed him lunch and he fell asleep in the high chair again.  We went for another swim that night, then came back to the condo and fed the kids dinner while Myrn and Lin went and picked up Poncho and Lefty's for dinner and Nelson's Frozen Custard for dessert.  Mom, Myrn, Mason, Tanner, and I headed back to the hotel.  Mason finally fell asleep around 2 in the morning.  Finally Mason snuggled up to my mom and fell asleep!!

Saturday, June 28th
We woke up, got ready for the day, then headed back to the condo to go for one last swim.  After our swim we finished cleaning the condo then headed out on the road.
While we were cleaning the condo I looked out the door and found the older kids playing games on the Ipad.  I saw Mason sitting right there by them.  He wants to be just like them when he grows up. 
  On our way out of St. George we stopped at McDonald's for dinner.  Tanner cried most of the way home, but Mason did great as long as he was watching his favorite movie Mulan. 

We had such a fun trip to St. George.  We were so happy to see Casey when we got home.  We're excited and already planning our 2015 Girls St. George trip and hopefully Meg can come with us next year too. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mason at 21 Months and Tanner at 3 Months

It's been so hard to keep up on my blog, but I want to continue to document Mason's and Tanner's lives as much as possible.  So here is another update of Mason and Tanner. 

Mason is now 21 Months old.  I can't believe he'll be 2 in just 2 short months.  Ever since Tanner was born, it seems as though Mason has started growing twice as fast. 

Sleeping:  Mason is slowly dwindling down to one nap a day.  Depending on what time he wakes up in the morning determines whether he'll take one or two naps a day. 

Talking:  Mason still says hardly any words.  He talks gibberish and that's about it.  My sister's friend is a Speech Pathologist and she is going to evaluate Mason to see if further actions need to be taken.  I know that she'll probably say everything is fine, but if there is a slight chance that further actions need to be taken, I'd rather start now, then later. 

Eating:  Mason loves to eat.  Right now his favorite is Popsicles.  He'll run to the freezer and point to the door until I get a Popsicle out.  I put a Popsicle shirt on him, because it makes a huge mess and he won't keep on a bib.  When this little man has a Popsicle, he's as happy as can be.
Mason also loves to dip things.  As long as he can dip, he'll usually eat anything.  One of his favorite things to dip is Wheat Thins in Thousand Island dressing. 

Other:  We are so grateful that Mason is part of our family.  He's loving being an older brother to Tanner, most days.  We love our little ginger!!

Tanner is now 3 months old and as cute as ever. 

Sleeping:  Tanner loves to be held when he is sleeping.  He loves to be wrapped up tight and snuggled and he'll fall right to sleep every time.  Tanner wakes up once in the night to eat then usually falls right back to sleep. 

Talking:  Tanner's baby noises are so cute.  He's even starting to laugh a lot.  Tanner loves to do Patty Cake and throw it way high.  Doing this gets Tanner to laugh every time. 

Eating:  Tanner is eating about 3 1/2 oz. every 3 hours.  Every time I try to up his feeding he just spits it up, so we are sticking to 3 1/2 oz. for now. 

Other:  We love this little addition to our family.  Tanner is becoming such a good little baby.  We love this little smiley guy of ours.