Wednesday, February 19, 2014

17 Months

Mason turned 17 months on February 17th.  Our little guy is such a joy to have in our family and we love him more and more everyday!!  Here is a little update of Mason at 17 months old. 

Teeth:  More and more teeth just keep coming.  I keep hoping he'll get a break of no new teeth, but this past month brought on more and more teeth.  The more teeth he gets, the worse he seems to handle it.  Usually Mason will get a small temperature and be pretty sleepy when new teeth are coming in. 

Sleeping:  Mason is doing great sleeping through the night, except when he is sick.  Mason still has 2 naps a day.  Mason loves to snuggle with his blanket(s) when he is sleeping.  Mason will usually dig through the hamper, find all his blankets then snuggle up to them on the floor-this is when I know he is ready for a nap or for bed.  I usually find Mason sleeping on his tummy.  Sometimes I find him wrapped into a little ball when he is sleeping, I love watching our little guy sleep!
Talking:  I'm still not understanding a lot of what Mason says, but I know he tries to talk to me.  He says words like look, what, and wow.  I feel like he's trying to say more, but I just can't tell what he is saying.  It seems like Mason is understanding what we are saying to him.  The other day I told him to find his bink and blank so he could lay down for a nap and he went and found it. 
Mason loves when you talk to him, play games with him, play in his toy room with him, and read stories to him. 

Eating:  Mason is still a great eater!  He'll usually try anything I give to him.  Lately I can't get Mason to drink plain milk.  He likes chocolate milk, but when it comes to just regular milk he won't even touch it.  He loves cereal, but you have to drain off all the milk before you give it to him, otherwise he'll spit it out.  We found out this month that Mason loves my mom's famous meat pie.  She only makes it once a year for Ry's birthday.  I was surprised when he ate an entire piece of meat pie.  We also found out that Mason loves the shapes chicken noodle soup, he'll eat almost an entire can in one sitting. 

Movement:  Watching Mason walk is one of the cutest things ever.  He's getting pretty fast at it.  Lately, we've been taking him outside, thanks to the mild February weather, for walks.  Our neighbors have some dogs.  He loves to walk by their house and peek through the backyard fence to find the dogs.  He also loves to walk by the motorcycle that has a permanent residence (no one ever drives it.  It sits in this one spot even during a mega snowstorm.) across the street. 
Other:  It has been so fun to watch Mason grow and learn new things.  When we took Mason to the doctor this past month because he was sick, Mason weighed 21lbs. 9 oz.  He seems to be growing more and more everyday.  Mason loves to play peek-a-boo.  He loves to hide behind you.  When you say "Where is Mason?"  he likes to peek around you.  Mason loves to play with the drapes that cover the kitchen sliding door.
Mason is very ticklish especially in his armpits, feet, and thighs.  I love to tickle him, he gets so squirmy, but he laughs so hard at the same time. 

We love our little Mason, more then we ever imagined we would!  We are so grateful for a happy, healthy boy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day and Weekend

For some reason I love Valentine's Day.  Casey always plans a fun Valentine's date and this year was no exception.  Since Valentine's Day was on a Friday this year, Casey decided to plan our Valentine's date on Thursday instead.  He arranged for his parents to come and sit with Mason while we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. 
I guess we weren't the only ones that had the idea to celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday, because the wait was about 45 min.  We used this time to go to the Baby Depot, just a few stores down from Outback, and pick out a few things for our new baby. 
When our name was finally called, Case and I enjoyed a Valentine's steak dinner.  Complete with an entree and a cheesecake dessert. 
We finally got home around 8:30.  We apologized for taking so long to grandma and grandpa Mecham, but they didn't seem to mind spending a little extra time with our little Mason. 

On Friday, Valentine's Day, Mason woke up with a small temperature.  I didn't think much of it and continued with our morning routine of eating breakfast-heart shaped waffles that Mason wouldn't even eat, getting ready for the day, and heading over to Amy's to work. 
By the time we got done working, Mase was a total wreck.  I took him home thinking a nap would help him feel better. 
Mase only napped for about 30 min.  By this time I knew that he was probably getting a little touch of the flu.  Mase spent the rest of the day resting in my arms and watching Barney, Bob the Builder, and Sesame Street. 

Casey got home around 4:30.  We exchanged our Valentine gifts to each other and to Mason.  Casey gave me a gift certificate to get a pedicure before our new baby comes.  I gave Casey a movie called Captain Phillips, and we gave Mason some Monster trucks. 

After Mason woke up from his afternoon nap we decided to go handout our Valentine's.  We always have so much fun making and decorating cookies, then doorbell ditching them to family.  When we got home we had been doorbell ditched with lots of Valentine's from family--see why I love Valentine's Day!!  Even our little Mason was totally spoiled on Valentine's Day.  He got a Valentine in the mail from grandma and grandpa Furr and a Valentine from grandma and grandpa Mecham too. 

The rest of our Valentine weekend wasn't quite as exciting.  Friday night to Saturday morning Mason didn't sleep at all.  Our poor little guy was definitely feeling under the weather.  Nothing we did was helping Mason.  Finally at about 4:30am we took a little drive in the car.  We were finally able to get him calmed down and he fell asleep until 6:00. 
When Mason woke up at 6:00 we found these little soars/rash all over his little body.  They were all over his little face, hands, feet, legs, and his little bottom.  I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I had a pretty good idea it was hand, foot, and mouth disease. 

Throughout the day, Mason was pretty sad and seemed to be in a lot of pain.  We took endless drives, which seemed like the only thing we could do to help him calm down and fall asleep.  On one of our drives we drove down to Springville to have Casey's dad help give our little guy a blessing. 
By about 7:00 Saturday night, neither Case nor I could get our little Mason to calm down.  We hadn't been able to get him to eat or drink anything all day and his crying had come to the point where he was inconsolable.  By this time I finally decided to call the doctor.  I called my mom and she came with me while Casey and my dad stayed home and watched a movie.  We found out that Mason did have hand, foot, and mouth disease and the soars in his little mouth were the ones that were probably causing him so much pain.  There is nothing you can really do for this virus except giving them Tylenol and Ibuprofen and trying to keep them hydrated.  I'm so grateful to my mom and dad for helping us out so much on Saturday night. 
After taking Mason to the doctor on Saturday night, things seemed to go uphill from there.  Mason slept through most of the night, only waking up about 5 times.  Sunday he was finally smiling and laughing again and we were able to finally get him to drink a little and eat a little.  The doctor said that giving Mason Benadryl might help Mason's mouth to feel better.  He said that Benadryl numbs the mouth.  Sunday night we decided to give Mason some Benadryl to see if it would help with his mouth pain.  Instead, it made Mason really loopy.  Mason was running into furniture, running into walls, he couldn't walk, and when he pointed to go downstairs and Case opened the baby gate to help him crawl down the stairs, Mason forgot there were stairs and face planted.  I think it's safe to say, NO more Benadryl for Mason for awhile.  By Monday it seemed like our little Mason was almost back to normal.  Besides the rash and being a little sleeper than usual, our little Mason looked and acted almost 100%. 
Besides the fact that our weekend ended with our little guy getting sick, we still had a great Valentine's Day and weekend.  We are so grateful that our little Mason is feeling much better!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Happenings

January has seemed to go by so slow.  I guess that's how I feel about every January, it's cold, gloomy, and not much going on.  Although this January seemed to go by very slow, it was full of fun and exciting events. 

We started the month out by Casey taking me on a date.  It was the first date we had been on since Casey went to Front Sight in the beginning of November.  I have anxiety issues about having to leave my little Mason.  When I leave him, I just miss him too much.  This results in us going no where without Mason.  So when my sister called me up and said she was going to babysit Mason no matter what, I guess I had no choice.  Casey planned a fun date night out.  We went and saw the second Hunger Games movie, went to dinner at Kneaders, then out for ice cream at Cold Stone.  We had a fun night and we are so grateful to Myrn and Garrett who took such good care of our little Mason Man while we were gone.   

January is a month full of birthdays for Casey's family.  His dad's birthday is the 6th of January.  We celebrated by going over to Casey's mom and dad's for Sunday dinner.  On Monday, January 6th, Casey and Mason drove down to Springville to give Casey's dad this cake I had made him and his birthday present. 
Casey's mom's birthday was on the 27th of January.  We celebrated her birthday by inviting everyone over to our house for Sunday dinner and making her favorite meal...homemade lasagna. 
During Roz's birthday party Mason shared his train with his cousin Parker.

Now that January is here, we decided it was time to start doing a few things around our house that I wanted to get done before our baby is here.  We started in our bedroom with a little bedroom makeover.  We removed the mirror that was on the dresser.  The mirror had shelves on the side of it which usually collected dust and junk, so we took it off for now and replaced it with these flower pictures.  I also made the dresser runner and added a few decorations. 

On January 9th at 7:00 in the morning a new member of the Hess household was born.  Weighing in at 8lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 20 1/2" long, Weston John Hess is absolutely perfect.  During Amy's stay at the hospital, we got to watch Lydia, Landon, Parks, and Ash.  Mason had so much fun playing with them all day long.  He would even cry when it was time to leave their house at nights.  We are so grateful for such a healthy, handsome, baby boy to join the Hess family. 

Landon and Parks had been asking my mom to make them super hero capes.  She went and bought the fabric and I sewed them.  I made a Batman cape for Bud and a Green Lantern cape (even though he doesn't wear a cape) for Parks.  I modeled the capes on Mason.  He loved walking around in them and cried when I finally took it off of him.  I guess I need to make a superhero cape for Mason now too. 

Casey decided not to go to school this semester.  We qualified for some financial aid, but only if Casey went full time.  With our new baby coming and Casey working three jobs, we decided now would not be the best time for Case to go to school full time.  It has been fun having Casey home at nights and not at school.  Mason loves playing with his dad. 


We've been cleaning out closets and I found this beauty of Case when he was a Sophomore.  Casey wanted to throw it away, but I'm determined to keep it, along with many others, so I can show our kids someday.  Oh the High School glad they are in the past. 

Our month ended with our little Mason getting sick.  I'm not sure if it's his teeth or a flu virus, but he had a temperature for about 4 days and was totally miserable.  I spent most of my days watching movies and snuggling this little guy of ours. 

 One day, Casey took Mason for a little car ride so I could get a few things done at home.  They came back with this note and ice cream.  I love my little family!!

January was a busy month for us.  We're looking forward to what February brings.