Friday, July 31, 2015

July Happenings--2015

July was here and is now over.  I can't believe how fast it went.  We did so many fun things in July.  Here is what we were up to:

1.  4th of July

2.  Christmas in July

3.  One day Myrn and I went to Wal-Mart to do a little bit of shopping.  As we walked in Myrn told Mason he could ride the Big Bird airplane if he was good in the store.  Mason was very good and got to ride the Big Bird airplane when we were all done shopping. 

4.  On July 9th, Amy, Meg, and I, took the kids to the Thanksgiving point animal farm.  The kids got to go on a pony ride, a tractor ride, and got to see many farm animals.  It was a very fun day. 

5.  Tanner throwing off all the books from the book shelf.

6.  Tanner has a small allergy to milk.  Whenever he drinks milk or eats dairy he throws up.  This particular day the boys were very interested in me cleaning up Tanner's spit up.

7.  Casey and I invited Myrn and Garrett to go to the Thanksgiving Point Curiosity Museum.  The boys had a blast playing around and learning new things. 

8.  We love when Casey comes home for lunch. 

9.  Mason fixing his big boy bike.

10.  We took the kids to the Peppermint Candy Factory and the Puppy Barn to see all the different puppies.  After, we took the kids to a park to eat lunch.  We've really enjoyed all of our summer fun activities that we planned at the beginning of the summer. 

11.  Went to visit daddy at work for lunch for the first time.

12.  Went up to Bridal Veil Falls one night for FHE with Ryan and Meg, Mom and Dad, and the Hess family.  Mason and Tanner had so much fun playing with their cousins and throwing rocks. 

13.  Our little Tanner turned 16 months old.

14.  One morning Mason wanted popcorn for breakfast...I caved to his request.

15.  We celebrated the 24th of July.  Casey took us up to The Pie pizzeria in South Jordon for lunch.  That night we had our annual 24th of July BBQ at Amy and Jared's.  The firework show at the end of the night was a HUGE success.

16.  On the 25th of July mom and dad's ward had their annual 24th of July breakfast.  We went and ate breakfast, then let the boys take a ride on the covered wagon being pulled by horses.  That night we went to Bridgette's Harry Potter party.

17.  Mason and Ashley petting Aspen.

18.  Tanner loves to swing.

19.  At the end of July, Meg hosted a water party at her house.  The kids loved the slip-n-slide, water balloons, Popsicles, and water toys. 

20.  Mason cruising.

21.  One afternoon I took the boys over to mom and dad's.  Tanner was really fussing so I gave him mom's keys to play with .  He took them and hid them (lesson learned the hard way).  Mom called me later that night and said she couldn't find her keys anywhere.  I sent Casey over to find them and he looked for about 30 minuets before giving up.  I told Mom that I'd bring Mason over the next day to look for them.  It took Mason about 5 minutes before finding them.

22.  Myrn and I represented the family at a cousins party.  After the party, the boys were completely worn out. 

23.  Casey had the Mulligan golf tournament at his work.  It was a 3 day golf tournament.  Each night Casey would take us back to his work and we'd get to ride with him on the golf carts and help him take down tents.  On the first night helping Casey we came across this Razor 4-wheeler that was the second place prize winner.  Mason called this "grand prize."  Every other night that we went with Casey Mason HAD to see "Grand Prize."  We'd take "Grand Prize" drinks, peanut butter sandwiches, and tell it good night each night.  Mason was so sad when "Grand Prize" was no longer at Casey's work. 

24.  We went to the Riverwoods with Ryan and Meg one night.  We ate dinner at Bajio and went to PBR to ride the carousel. 

We had a wonderful July full of fun.  I can't believe school starts just next month and summer is almost over.  I'm so glad we've been able to fill our summer months with lots of fun things.