Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Happenings--2016

Here is a little of what we were up to during the month of March. 

We saved up our money and bought the boys a new playset for the backyard.  We found one that we really liked at Costco.  One night mom and dad met us at Costco with the trailer and we were able to load it on.  Over the next week Casey, Casey's brother Phil, and Casey's dad, put it together.  It was a lot of work, but the boys love it!

A couple of my siblings and us met at the Foothill park for a picnic dinner and some fun.  We had a lot of fun spending the night with family. 

St. Patrick's Day 2016--We celebrated with a little St. Patrick's Day party and Meg's. 

For family night one night we took the boys to Sub Zero ice cream.  The boys loved their blue ice cream. 

Mason found the perfect place to watch his movie and eat a little treat before breakfast.
Mason and Tanner holding hands one morning.
Easter 2016--We celebrated with both families and had an Easter egg hunt.  We also had an Easter egg hunt with some of the neighbors.  The boys definitely got spoiled!!
One Sunday, Mason came home from church and didn't feel well.  Later that day he threw up and couldn't keep anything down.  Casey took Tanner to the 4th Sunday dinner at Casey's mom and dad's house while I stayed home with our sick little Mason.  We watched movies and ate popsicles together. 

Celebrating our little Tanner's 2nd birthday was definitely the highlight of our month of March.  I can't believe we are into April already.  Summer will be here before we know it!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tanner Turns 2

I seriously can't believe our baby is 2!!  We love our little Tanner and we are so grateful he is part of our family.
Tanner turned 2 on March 25, 2016.  We celebrated all day.  A couple of days before Tanner wasn't feeling very good.  He had a touch of the flu.  I don't think he was quit back to his 100% self by his birthday, but he was close.
The night before his birthday, I decorated the style.  Tanner loves balls so that's why I decorated it in baseballs. 
On the morning of Tanner's birthday, Casey went and got balloons so when Tanner woke up he was surprised to find the house all decked out.  Tanner loved all the balls hanging from the ceiling and the balloons.  We met Casey for lunch at McDonald's playplace.  The boys had fun playing on the playplace.  Then it was home for naps.  By the time the boys woke up from their naps it was time for presents and more celebrating.  We gave Tanner a new sandbox and some sand toys.  He was so excited to play in his new sandbox. 
After presents, we went to Pier 49 pizza for dinner then back to our house for cake and ice cream.
Mom and dad came over and gave Tanner his presents, some new clothes for church and a baby swing for our new playset so Tanner can have fun swinging.  We went outside and set up the swing and Tanner loved every minute of swinging in his new swing. 
After mom and dad went home, we tubed the boys and put them to bed.  It was a fun day to celebrate our little Tanner. 
Here are two things we love about our little Tanner at age 2.
1.  We love the way Tanner runs.  He swings his little arms around while he runs.
2.  Tanner loves to do tricks and show everyone.  Right now his favorite trick is swinging his arms around, really fast.  He loves to say, "mommy, watch me."  then he'll do his tricks for me.   
We also love Tanner's happy personality and his huge smile. 
We love our little Tanny!! 


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Happenings--2016

Here is what we did in the month February.
1.  Casey and I took the boys to the Bounce House place for FHE one night.  Mason and Tanner loved every minute of it.  Casey took the boys on every bounce house so by the end of the night they were not scared of anything.  Even Tanner was running around going on everything.  We had a great time!  After the Bounce House place we took the boys to dinner at Brick Oven.  It was a great night spent with just our little family. 

2.  Casey has been volunteering at the MTC on Sunday's to translate Samoan.  During this past month there was a missionary that was struggling with a few things so the MTC president asked Casey to come a few extra times to help this missionary out.  Casey was happy to help any chance he could.  A few weeks before the missionary left the MTC to go out into the mission field, the missionary told Casey that his family could not afford to send him a few extra things he needed to go out into the mission field such as: shoes, pants, and socks.  Casey asked my family and his mom to help donate some money so we could go buy him these things he needed.  We were able to come up with enough money to buy him everything he needed before entering the mission field.  When Casey took the items to him, the missionary was speechless and was so full of gratitude for everthing Casey had done for him.  I'm so grateful for Casey and all his service to help this young missionary. 
3.  Mason wasn't feeling very well one day so I let him take his nap on my bed.  He looked so cozy.
4.  Friday night dinner and movie in the front room. 
5.  Amy, Meg, and I threw a little Valentine's Day party for the kids.  We played games, decorated cookies, and did a craft.  The kids loved it!

6.  Cait and Will threw a small Valentine's Day party at their house.  We had fun decorating cookies, passing out our valentine's, and visiting with family. 
7.  We took Mason and Tanner to Scheel's sports store to ride the ferris wheel.  Tanner was too little to ride it, but Mason was just the right height.  Mason chose me to ride with him.  He loved every minute of it and smiled and lughed the entire time.  Now he calls Scheel's Disneyland. 
8.  We had so much fun celebrating Valentine's Day this year.  I love spending Valentine's Day with Mason, Tanner, and of course Casey.  We made Oreo cookies for our Valentine's this year and took them around to everyone.  We also recieved lots of Valentine's in return.  That night we got a heart shapped pizza and ate it as a family.  What a great day to spend as a family. 
9.  I took Mason and Tanner to the park one day in February for a few minutes.  The weather was actually pretty warm and we needed to get out of the house for a bit.  There was still snow on the ground, but that didn't stop Mason and Tanner from swinging, sliding down the slides, and running around having a great time.  I can't wait for warmer park weather all the time. 
10.  We celebrated February family birthdays.  I love spending time with family.
11.  We went to the Provo City Center Open house with Myrn and Garrett.  This is such beautiful temple and I'm so grateful that I got to take my little family to see the inside.  Mason calls this temple the Temple Castle.  Mason especially loved everything about the inside of this beautiful temple.

And that was our February, in a nut shell.  Now onto March!!