Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Happenings--2016

Here is our month of July in pictures:
Celebrating the 4th of July is always one of my favorite times of the year and as usual, this year did not disappoint.  The 4th was on a Monday this year, so we started our celebrating a little early by going to the balloons on Friday, July 1st.  We had to wake the boys up really early, but it was so worth it, because the boys loved it!!  I love going to the balloons and we will always make this a tradition. 
On Monday, we celebrated the 4th of July.  Casey and Mason did the 5k run.  Casey ran the run and dad and Myrn pushed Mason in the stroller.  Mason loved it!!
Then we watched the parade and as usual, had yummy donuts, milk, and treats. 

Then it was home for naps.  After naps we went over to Tim and Natalie's house for their annual 4th of July BBQ.  We had fun visiting with family, playing games, eating a delicious BBQ dinner, and, my personal favorite, homemade ice cream.
That night Mom, Dad, Ry, Mabel, Myrn, Garrett, Chris, Emily, and Branson came over for fireworks.  Casey, Dad, and Ry put on a great little show, but the favorite of the night seemed to be the poppers. 
We love the 4th of July and we are so grateful we got to spend the day with family!!


 One day Mason lined all his trucks in our bedroom closet. 
Mason watching Mulan in his little undies:)
 And one more of our little Mason.  I have a confession to make.  Mason made the decision to throw his Binky away one day.  He threw it in the garbage all by himself.  He napped just fine without it and fell asleep that night without it too.  When I went in to check on him, my pregnancy hormones got the best of me.  I completely broke down thinking of all the hard times his Binky had gotten Mason through--Mason's broken arm, Tanner being born and adjusting to a new little baby around the house when Mason was only 18 months old, little owies, and hurt feelings are just to name a few.  I cried uncontrollably before Casey said just go give him his spare Binky.  So I walked into Mason's room, woke him up, and gave him back his Binky.  Were still working on getting rid of Mason's Binky.  He gets to go to Lowe's extreme air sports when he decides to throw it away again and this time I will not be giving it back to him:) 
Our family got the pass of all passes this year.  One thing that was included in the pass was a ticket to see a outdoor play at the Scera.  We choose to see Footloose.  Casey stayed home with the boys while I got to go with mom, dad, Myrn, Garret, Ry and Meg.  We had fun eating Subway while waiting for the play to start.  At intermission we ate Dippin Dots.  Although the play was a little odd, the atmosphere and company made it completely worth it. 
Celebrating Daniel's birthday.  Stacy threw him a surprise birthday party.  We had a great time surprising Daniel. We had a delicious dinner of Jared's famous steak, rolls, jello, corn, and salad.  Then we watched a movie outside.  Such a fun night spent with family. 
Casey and I took the boys down to the Riverwoods.  We hung out at the Provo Beach Resort for awhile then the boys got completely soaked in the splash pad.  I love this little family of mine. 

Mason napping on my bed. 
Casey and the boys taking a break from doing yard work.
Cute pirate hats that aunt Cait made the boys.

We celebrated the 24th of July with family.  The 24th was on a Sunday this year, so we celebrated on Saturday.  Casey and I took the boys to my mom and dads ward 24th of July party.  Mason loved the fire truck.
The boys also got to ride a real pony and take a ride in a covered wagon. 
That night, Amy and Jared threw their annual 24th of July party.  There was a water slide bounce house that the boys LOVED!  We had a delicious BBQ dinner, then celebrated with a great firework show.  I love the 24th of July because we always get to spend it with family.

And just like that July is over and we are already in to August.  We love summer and are sad to see it come to an end, but we can't wait for our new little boy to join our family in August.