Saturday, January 24, 2015

Casey's Graduation

Casey graduated in December with his bachelors in Technology Management.  It has been a long road for Casey and we are so proud of him for sticking through it and finishing.

After Casey got home off his mission he started going to school.  A year after, we met, got married, and pushed for me to go to school full time so I could get a teaching job.  During this time Casey went to school part time, just taking one or two classes a semester.  After I graduated, Casey continued to go to school part time so we could save our money to buy a house.  After buying our house we started having kids and Casey's schooling was dropped to the bottom of the list, yet again.

Casey was finally able to go to school full time this past year.  Taking 15-18 credits each semester including during the summer.  He worked hard in school while he continued to work full time, part time at a second job, and spent time with the boys.  Casey would stay up late, after the boys went to bed, and did his homework.  This past semester, he even got straight As!!

All of Casey's hard work needed to be celebrated, so we got together with family and celebrated Casey's graduation.
We met at Casey favorite restaurant, Red Robin, for some delicious dinner.  Then it was back to our house for cupcakes, peanut butter bars and ice cream.
It was the perfect way to celebrate how proud we are of Casey.  He definitely worked hard and we are so proud of him.  
Way to go dear!!!