Monday, March 24, 2014

Mason at 18 Months

Mason is 18 months already.  I can't believe our little guy is already a year and half.  The time has seemed to fly by.  I wish I could freeze Mason is this stage, he's gotten quite the personality and I love every minute I get to spend with him.

Here is an update of Mason at 18 months old. 
Weight:  Mason weighs 22lbs., which is in the 26th percentile.

Height:  Mason is 32 inches tall, which is in the 48th percentile.

Head circumference:  Mason's head is now 19 inches, which is in the 73rd percentile.

Teeth:  Mason has a mouthful of teeth.

Sleeping:  Mason is sleeping through the night like a champ.  He also continues to take 2 naps a day. 

Talking:  I think Mason is saying things, but sometimes I think it's just my imagination.  I think I've heard him say:  "uck" for truck, "hi", "arf" for a doggy barking, "look", "uh oh",  and a few others.  This past month Mason has really started talking more.  He talks to me like were having a really important conversation.  I love hearing this little guy talk, even though most of the time I have no idea what he is saying. 

Eating:  Mason continues to be a great eater.  I have finally gotten Mason to drink plain milk, as long as he's drinking it from a sippy.  If you try to feed him milk with his cereal, he'll just spit it out.  Mason loves the shapes chicken noodle soup, grapes, apples, yogurt, pizza, toast and jam, pickles, and cheese.  These few things seem to by my go-to meal if he won't eat anything else. 
A big shocker is that Mason doesn't seem to really like ice cream.  He'll eat about 2 bites then he's done.  This is a shocker because Casey and I are both ice cream-aholics!  In a way it kind of works out nicely, because we don't have to share our ice cream or get a bigger size so Mason can have some.  This past month Mason has learned to like soda pop.  He takes a drink of it, then makes a funny face, like he doesn't really like it, then he'll drink some more.  I love watching him drink soda. 

Movement:  Mason has really gotten good and fast at walking.  He's pretty much faster than me sometimes.  Mason loves to walk ahead of you a few feet, then he loves to hear you say, "I'm gonna get you."  He takes off walking a little faster and laughs and laughs.
Mason has gotten really good at climbing up and down our stairs.  He pretty much just slides right down them on his tummy. 

Other:  Mason loves being outside.  With the mild weather, we've gotten to already go to the park, Riverwoods, and outside in the yard many times.  Mason will usually cry when it's time to come back inside.  The park has become a Sunday ritual for us, after church, morning nap, and lunch we usually head to the park.  Mason loves climbing up the stairs to the slide then sliding down the slide, all by himself, on his tummy.  While at the park, Mason also loves to chase after the dogs that come to the park each Sunday afternoon.   

This past month Casey took Mason to get his first Harley trike.  Mason loves riding it up and down the driveway.
By the time Mason is 19 months old, we will have a new little addition to our little family.  We know Mason is going to make a great older brother.  We are so grateful Mason is part of our family.  Not a day goes by that this little guy of ours doesn't make us happy, smile, and laugh.  We feel so blessed to call Mason "ours." 
Happy half birthday little guy, we love you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February Happenings

February is over and I can't believe it's already March.  Here is a few things we had been up to in the month of February. 

1.  We started February off by celebrating Ry's birthday.  Meg planned a little birthday party for Ry at Bajios in the Riverwoods.  Everyone was able to attend, except Casey and Mason.  Mason was not feeling well and we thought it best for him to stay home that night.  So, Casey watched Mason at home while I went to Ry's party.  At the birthday party, Ry and Meg announced that they are having a baby BOY!  That's 4 baby boys in my family in less then 6 months.  We are so excited for all these baby boy cousins to be great friends. 
2.  Mason found a new toy.  He loved sitting in his laundry hamper while Casey pulled him around the kitchen. 

3.  I took Mason to Toys R Us where he loved riding in their little display cars.  Mason was so sad when it was time to leave.  It seems to be the simple things that makes our little Mason so happy. 
4.  Our neighbors across the street are redoing their backyard.  One day they had a dump truck and a tractor that was hauling dirt to the back of the dump truck.  Mason could of sat by the window all day watching the tractor dump the dirt. 
5.  Amy, Lin, and I took the kids to the park.  We went to McDonald's for lunch then took it to the park and ate it then let the kids play around.  Mason had so much fun swinging and going down the slides, but his favorite seemed to be climbing up and down the stairs to the different slides. 

6.  Mason got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease this past month.  It seems like our little guy was sick most of the month of February.  He was one miserable little guy for a couple of days, we are so glad he is feeling better. 
7.  After Mason started feeling better, we took him to the PBR to ride the carousel.  He showed absolutely no emotion while riding it, but as soon as it was time to get off he walked right back onto the carousal and wanted to ride it again. 

8.  We've had fun listening to and making our little Mason laugh. 
9.  I did some major cleaning this past month to get ready for baby #2 to come.  I washed Mason's car seat.  He loved sitting in it in the house.  I also threw away all Mason's binkies that he had when he was just a newborn baby.  It was a little sad, but probably about time. 

10.  I took Mason down to the shop to eat lunch.  Mason loved riding the 4-wheeler with grandpa.  Mason also loved helping grandpa run some of the machines. 

11. Casey brought us home donuts one morning after he got done at the gym.  Mason loved his chocolate covered donut. 
We had such a great February.  We are looking forward to March and warmer weather.