Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Heppenings--2015

Here is a little of what we did during the month of May in pictures.

1.  Tanner was so tired after our St. George trip that he would fall asleep in my arms throughout the day.  I loved every minute of it.
2.  Love our little Tanner.
3.  Tanner touched Play-Doh for the first time.  This picture is his reaction.
4.  One morning Mabel came over to play.  Mason and Mabel always have so much fun playing together.
5.  I got to go to Lydia's dance recital.  Lydia did such a great job.  She was definitely the best dancer there.
6.  Casey and I had a pretty bad day when Casey didn't get a job he was really hoping to get (more on this later).  Merilee and Garrett were so kind to drop this present off to us the next morning.  What would we ever do without family who loves and supports us in everything we do.  We love our family.
7.  I took Mason over to play at Amy's house.  Parker took Mason for a ride in the green Machine.  Mason loved every minute of it.
8.  Casey and I celebrated our 7 year anniversay.  Casey took me to the Olive Garden for dinner.  After dinner we went and picked up Mason and Tanner from Myrn and Garrett and spent the rest of the evening as a family.

9.  Mason and Mabel at the park.
10.  Mason loves waking up in the mornings and reading stories on the couch.

11.  One Sunday we went to the park to watch Garrett fly his airplane.  Mason and Mabel loved helping Garrett with his airplane.
12.  We were able to attend the Payson Temple Openhouse.  I loved being able to go as a family.  Although this temple had not been dedicated yet, I definitely felt the spirit as I walked into the Celestial Room with my whole little family.

13.  Mason loves going to watch daddy play softball on Friday nights.  I even got Mason a matching jersey to wear to daddy's games.

14.  We were able to go to the cemetary with my family on memorial day.  I always love this tradition.

15.  On Memorial Day we had a BBQ with Casey's family.  Tanner loved riding in this Lightning McQueen car.
16.  Mom and I took the boys to go see Myrn at her dance festival, she did such a great job!!
17.  We also went to see Bud and Lydia dance in their dance festival.  This particular day it was raining and freezing outside, but that didn't stop us from watching Lydia and Bud dance away.

18.  Casey's work had the Chopper 5 helicopter come to their school.  Casey invited us to come watch it land and take off again.  Mason loved every minute of it.  He was totally glued to the helicopter as it landed then took off again.

19.  Mason, Casey, and Tanner at Casey's softball game.
20.  Mason loves helping his daddy mow the lawn.
21.  We went over to Ry and Meg's house to celebrate Maccoy's birthday and Jared offered to take Mason for a ride on his Harley.  Mason was a little intimitated by how loud it was, but he loved every minute about it and talked about his Harley ride with Jared for about the next month.

 We had a wonderful month of May.  Now onto June and the summer.   

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Family St. George Trip

Casey, Mason, Tanner, and I went on a little vacation to St. George with my family at the beginning of May.  We had a great time riding dirt bikes, putting together puzzles, eating out, swimming, and spending time with family.
April 30, 2015--Casey and I left around 10:00 in the morning and headed down to St. George.  The kids did great in the car on the way down.  We met Ry and Meg in St. George around 4:00.  We went and checked out the pool, did a little bit of shopping, then went to Brick Oven for dinner.  Later that night, mom and dad, Daniel and Stacy, and Amy and Jared arrived in St. George.  Today was a great start to a fun vacation.

May 1, 2015--We woke up early the next morning.  Casey and I were happy to have the boys sleep almost through the whole first night on our vacation.  We don't go places very often, so the boys aren't used to sleeping in other places then their own beds.  So we were happy to have them only wake up a few times during the first night.
We started the morning with a cereal breakfast, then got ready for the day.   The rest of the family met at our condo and we loaded up the dirt bikes and got ready to go to a nice riding spot to ride them.  I was so excited for Mason to be able to spend the day riding 4-wheelers and dirt bikes since he loves those kinds of things.
We drove about 30 minutes until we arrived at the riding spot.  We unloaded the bikes and spent the day out in the dessert riding bikes.  Mason loved riding anything that anyone would take him for a ride on and Tanner loved playing in the dirt.  We ate lunch out at the riding spot.  Soon it got to be pretty hot and so we packed up the bikes and headed for home to the condo.
We spent the evening swimming in the pool.  Mason loved the pool, especially the hot tub.  Tanner was a little unsure of it all.
That night we went to dinner at Cafe' Rio then the boys went to see Avengers.  I put Mason and Tanner to bed, then put a puzzle together with Meg while eating our Nielson's frozen custard.

May 2, 2015--We woke up the next morning.  The boys didn't sleep as well through the night so when Tanner started to cry I picked him up and he fell back to sleep on me.
We ate breakfast, got ready for the day, then headed out again to the riding spot.  We spent the day riding bikes again.  I'm pretty sure Mason and Tanner got a little dehydrated on this trip.  They both had high temps through out the trip.  Casey was pretty tired from being up with Mason the entire night before that he fell right to sleep in the shade at the riding spot.
Casey and I checked in a little early this day, since Mason and Tanner weren't feeling very good.  We took them back to the condo where they crashed for about 3 hours.  When they woke up they seemed to be feeling a lot better so we took them swimming at the pool.
That night we had Papa John's pizza at the pool club house.  We had the pizza delivered.  When they delivered it, they ended up delivering the wrong pizzas, so I called and they gave us free pizza.  A few minutes later they delivered the right pizza.  When we opened up the box, the pizza was completely squished.  We couldn't help but laugh the entire night over the squished pizza. 

May 3, 2015--The next day was Sunday.  We woke up and got the condo cleaned then headed to church.  After church we came back to the condo and packed up the rest of our stuff in the car, then headed back over to the other condo for lunch before we headed home.  We had a yummy lunch of BBQed hot dogs.
We helped clean up, then decided to call it a day and head home.  Tanner wasn't feeling very good and was beyond ready for a nap, so we headed home a little earlier then the rest of the family.
We got home safely and put Mason and Tanner to bed.  They got a good nights rest and they were both almost back to 100% by the next day.

We had such a fun trip to St. George with my family.  I grew up going to St. George and riding dirt bikes with my family, so it was fun to carry on the tradition with Mason and Tanner.  We're excited for our next St. George trip.