Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Happenings--2015

This month seemed to be a busy one.  We had Easter, Casey's Spring Break, and Casey's softball team started.  We had so much fun during the month of April.  Here is a little of what we did in pictures. 

It seems like whenever I clean the house it gets destroyed again by the time Casey gets home from work.  I usually clean the house after the kids go to bed and before I go to bed so it's nice and clean when they wake up.  This particular day I couldn't stand the dirty house any longer so I cleaned it and sent a picture of the clean house to Casey.  Proof that it was clean at one point in the day. 
Easter fell during conference weekend this year, but we pretty much celebrated the week before and the week of.  The week before we celebrated with Casey's family.  We roasted hot dogs over an open fire and had a Easter egg hunt for all the little kids. 
The weekend of Easter we took the boys to the neighbors Easter egg hunt.  Our next door neighbors invite all the kids 12 years and younger who live on our street to their annual Easter egg hunt.  Mason and Tanner had a fun time.  The following day was Easter.  The kids woke up Easter morning to find that the Easter bunny had visited our house.  They had so much fun putting all their good into their Easter basket.  We celebrated with my family this year.  We had a yummy dinner then we went outside and let the kids find all the great finds the "Easter bunny" left.  Grandpa also took the kids of 4-wheeler rides.  We enjoyed every minute of Easter. 

Went to the park.  We try to make the make a weekly occurrence.

Mason got sick during the middle of April.  He had a high temp, threw up, and wouldn't eat anything.  One night he was up all night.  I finally got him to sleep by bringing him into bed to lay by me after Casey left for work. 
Casey's Spring Break was also during the month of April.  He worked the first couple of days at his school, the next couple of days at the shop, then had Friday off.  We decided to take a little day trip to the Hill Aerospace Museum.  Mason loved every minute of seeing the huge airplanes.  There were so many there that I thought it would get boring for him after awhile, but every plane he saw he would just say, "oh my."  I'm so glad we took the boys to see the airplanes and we will definitely be taking them to the air show that will be going on there next summer.  After the museum we ate our packed picnic lunch at headed home.  It was such a fun day spent with our family. 

My mom and dad were pruning the big tree outside their garage.  My brother got a huge forklift from work so they could be raised high enough to reach the higher branches to cut them down.  Mason sat in amazement the whole time.  Mason loves stuff like this, big mighty machines of any kind.  While Mason watched the forklift work, Tanner played in the sandbox.

One day I was sitting in Tanner's rocking chair.  He came and put his head right in between my feet. 
One afternoon Tanner had woken up from his nap before Mason.  Tanner crawled into Mason's room, climbed up to his bed and was trying to find Mason. 
Tanner had eaten a blue Ring Pop.
Our yard was completely torn up this month.  Mason loved watching the back-o tractor tear our yard up.  Hopefully we'll have sprinklers and grass in by the beginning of summer. 
I cut my hair.  This is the shortest it's ever been.  I was so sick of Mason and Tanner using my hair as leverage to pull themselves up that I cut it off.  It's a little hard to get used to, but it'll grow back...right?
Tanner eating dinner in my mom's ancient high chair.  This is the same high chair she used for us kids when we were little.
Ashley, Mabel, and Mason at the Park one day. 
Tanner loves Virginia style enchiladas.
My mom and dad have worked in the Mt. Timpanogos temple for about 7 years now.  Because our temple district is changing they will no longer be working there.  I'm so sad because I know them working at the temple has brought many blessing to our family.  Hopefully they will get to work at the Provo temple soon.

Mason loves popping popcorn and sitting on the couch as a family and watching a movie while eating popcorn.  This has become a weekend tradition.
 We got to go to the annual Crandall family hot dog roast.  This year Mason was old enough to help daddy roast his own hot dog.  After eating hot dogs and s'mores, Mason and Tanner got to go for a tractor ride.  The tractor ride has been a highlight in Mason's life.  Mason loves tractors and to be able to get to ride on a trailer being pulled by a tractor was beyond exciting for our little Mason.

Mason loves books.  I often find Mason, in the mornings, looking at the pictures in his books.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March Happenings--2015

Here is our life in pictures for the month of March. 

1.  Went down to the shop to eat lunch with mom and dad.  Mason loves riding the fork lift, four-wheeler, or tractor with grandpa when we got down. 
2.  One Friday night Casey put Tanner and Mason is the hamper and swung them around.  They both loved every minute of it. 

3.  I was putting Tanner down for his nap and Mason came and laid down on my legs. 
4.  Our almost naked Mason riding his trike. 

5.  Tanner eating a saltine cracker.  He doesn't love them, obviously. 
6.  Celebrated St. Patrick's day.  We wore green and ate dinner on green dinner wear.  That's about as festive as we got. 
7.  We love living close to Ryan and Meg.  One night I walked outside to get the mail and they happened to be driving by.  They got out of their car and Mason and Mabel played for a bit while Ry, Meg, and I chatted.
8.  Playing outside one day, where Mason started posing on the stairs.

9.  One day I went over to Amy and Jared's.  The kids were outside playing.  Bud came running inside and told me that Mason had black all over him.  I went outside to find Mason covered in dirt.  It was all over his hair, mouth, hands, clothes, etc.  Him and Ash had found some gardening tools and were taking turns spilling dirt on each other. 
10.  Mason and Tanner
11. Mason got into the stickers.
12.  Casey took me on a date to go see Cinderella.  We brought Mason home our extra movie theater popcorn.  That night we went on a walk and when we got home Mason ran to the cupboard and grabbed the popcorn popper.  Mason loves popping popcorn with dad.
13.  Mason lined up all his trucks one night before going to bed. 

14.  One morning Mason and Tanner were playing.  Mason came running out with these Shrek ears on. 
15.  Mason wearing shorts and flip flops for the first time with year. 
16.  Building "Myrna's house" with our new Lincoln Logs.

We had a fun filled March.