Wednesday, January 22, 2014

16 Months

I'm not really sure when I'll quit posting about Mason's monthly birthdays, I have just really enjoyed looking back and reading what Mason was doing at different stages in his life.  So here is another one. 
Our little Mason Man is 16 months old and as always, I can't believe it.  The 16th of each month seems to come by way too quickly.  Mason is at such a fun age and I've loved being able to watch him explore and learn new things. 

Teeth:  Mason continues to get more and more teeth every month.  Along with what he already has, he now has 2 new teeth just barely poking through on the top.  These 2 top teeth haven't seemed to really bother him much. 

Sleeping:  Mason is still sleeping through the night like a champ.  He usually sleeps about 12 hours straight.  When he does wake up it's usually due to a bad dream, hearing a car door slam from outside, or he doesn't feel good.  Mason still takes 2 naps during the day.  I'm not sure how much longer he'll need the two naps, but for now it continues to work perfectly.  He won't last past 12 in the afternoon without his morning nap and he won't last past 6 at night without his afternoon nap, so he continues to take 2 naps a day. 
I love watching this little guy sleep.  He always finds the silliest positions to sleep in.  He's usually:  cuddled up to his doggy night light, wrapping his arms around his blanky, or laying on his tummy with his bum up in the air. 

When Mason wakes up from his naps, his hair usually looks like this...
or this...
Talking:  As stated before, mason talks all day long.  When he needs something he'll usually point his finger at it and say something like he needs it.  When he needs something and you don't get it for him, he'll usually do a high pitch little scream until you acknowledge him and help him out with whatever he needs.  For example: when he pushes his walker around sometimes it will get stuck on a blanket or toys or something.  When this happens he'll let you know by doing his high pitch scream.    

Eating:  Mason is a great eater!  His favorite foods right now are:  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese tortilla pizzas, vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit mixed in, macaroni and cheese, pizza, french fries, and chicken noodle soup.  Mason is also a sucker for anything sweet, snacky (cheetoes), and chocolaty. 

Movement:  Our little Mason is WALKING!!  He picked up walking last Friday, January 17th.  He started the day out by crawling, but by the end of the day he was walking laps around our house.  I love to watch him walk.  He'll put his little arms out to stabilize himself and he'll walk around laughing with a huge smile on his face.  Watching his little chubby legs take little steps is so darn cute to watch.
Mason loves to push his walker up and down the hallway going 90 MPH.  My sister jokes around that Mason is a 80 year old man, who can't go anywhere without his walker. 
Mason loves to play with his toys.  He loves to ride his little train around the house.  He also loves to push anything up and down the hallway, even if it doesn't have wheels!

Right now Mason is very attatched to his daddy.  Whenever Casey is home, Mason will not do anything else except have Case hold him.  When Mase wakes up from his afternoon nap, he'll point to the window.  I'll lift him up and we'll usually sit there together for about 15 min. waiting for Casey to come home.  As soon as he sees our blue Aveo pull into the driveway Mason starts laughing and jumping up and down.  I love to watch the love Mason has for his dad. 

Once a week, Mason and I will go down to my dad's shop to eat lunch with my mom and dad.  Mason loves riding the four-wheeler around the shop with grandpa.,  When you try to take him off he'll push your arms away.
Mason loves dogs.  I'm pretty sure he got this attribute from Casey, since I'm not really an animal person.  He's not even afraid of Aspen who is about 2x Mason's size.  Mason will go right up to her and pet her.
This past month we took Mason to get his 4th haircut.  We dread taking Mason to get his haircut because he screams so loud.  This time Casey held Mason on his lap and Mason didn't cry one tear.  He did such a good job and he looks so handsome with his new haircut. 

Mason loves vacuums.  This past month he has learned how to turn on the vacuum and when he does he'll just laugh and smile.  One of his favorite things to do in the day is turn on the vacuum then help you vacuum the house. 

We feel so blessed that Mason is part of our family!  We love watching him learn new things everyday.  We love this little guy!!