Sunday, October 23, 2016

Family St. George Trip

Our little family was able to have a quick getaway in October.  This was our first vacation of the year so it was about time and much needed.
Thursday, October20, 2016-
Casey put in a half day at work, then came home and we were on the road by about noon.  I had fed the kids lunch before we left, so Casey and I stopped at Arby's to get our lunch.  We ate our lunch in the parking lot, then we were on the road.  The kids did so good in the car! I'd say it was our best car trip ever.  We arrived in St. George around 5:00.  We stopped right off at Wal-Mart and got food for the next couple of days. Then it was off to the condo to unload everything. For dinner I fixed the boys cheese pizzas while Casey and I went and got Nielson's custard for dessert and CafĂ© Rio for dinner. We put the kids to bed then Casey and I stayed up and watched TV for a bit then went to bed too.
Friday, October 21, 2016-
On Friday we woke up and ate breakfast.  Then we took the boys to a Children's museum they have in St. George.  The museum was so fun and it was even free!  The museum had different rooms that resembled real life.  For example: a post office, airport, grocery store, car mechanic shop, farm, etc.  Then down stairs they had a science room where you could try different science experiments, a dinosaur room that had a pretend erupting volcano (Mason was a little terrified of the erupting volcano), a music room, castle room, etc.  We stayed at the museum for about 2 hours.  The boys had a blast!!
After the children's museum we went home and ate lunch, then it was off to Snow Canyon to do some hiking.  Casey really wore the boys out having them climb through sand and all over rocks.  The boys had so much fun, but by the end of the day they were tired.
After Snow Canyon we went back to the condo and got our swimming suits on.  Casey swam with the boys while I sat out with baby Blakey.  After swimming mom, dad, and Ry and Meg came.  We were so excited to have more family with us.  We ate pizza for dinner and of course Nielson's Custard for dessert.

Saturday, October 22, 2016-
We woke up and had a delicious waffle breakfast.  Casey and dad went out shooting while Ry, Meg, Mom, the boys, and I all did a little bit of shopping.  When dad and Casey got back home around noon, we all went out to the desert to ride dirt bikes. 
As we arrived to our riding spot some stray dogs ran over.  There is a guy who lives in a camper van close to our riding area, so the stray dogs were his.  Mason was so excited to ride dirt bikes, that he got right out of the car.  The stray dogs were nice and licked his face then continued to run around.  We finally got the stray dogs to go back to their owner.  We unloaded the dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and Mason's power wheels Jeep.  Mason and Tanner got right in their jeep and started cruising around.  After about 20 minutes of them driving around Tanner got on the four wheeler and Mason came over to play with Mabel and Maccoy.  I noticed Mason's eye was very swollen.  Almost completely swollen shut.  I immediately put some cold ice on it. 
The swelling didn't get any worse so we decided just to stay out and let Mason have fun riding the four-wheeler (he was so excited to be out in the desert).  We ate lunch and rode around until the boys were so tired they had a hard time staying awake.  Then we packed up and headed home.  Mason rode in the Excursion back to the condo where he fell right to sleep. Tanner and Blakey also fell asleep on our ride back to the condo. 
I'm guessing that Mason was allergic to the saliva of the stray dog.  By the next morning his eye was almost back to normal. 
After arriving back to the condo we fed the boys dinner, tubed them, and they were so exhausted they went right to bed.  Casey and I, Ry, Meg, Mom, and Dad went to Panda Express and Wingers for dinner then stayed up and watched movies while doing puzzles. 
Mason and Tanner had been looking forward to this day of the trip for quite sometime now, it turned out to be a perfect day--despite the swollen eye. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016-
We woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned the condo, got ready for church, went to church, ate lunch, then hit the road.  Mason rode home in the Excursion with grandma and grandpa.  Blake and Tanner rode home with us in our van.  All three boys did great on the way home. 
We had such a fun trip.  Probably one of the more fun trips we have ever taken with our three little boys.  Can't wait to go again!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Blake at 2 Months Old

As always, time is traveling way too fast and our little Blakey is already 2 months old.  I can't believe it.  Here are 10 things about Blake at 2 months old:
1.  Blake turned 2 months on October 9, 2016
2.  Blake still sleeps most of the day.
3.  I moved him up to his 0-3 month clothes this last month.
4.  Blakey is in size 1 diapers.
5.  Blake loves his brothers.  He loves to watch them.  Mason and Tanner love Blakey right back.
6.  Blakey eats 3 oz. every three hours.
7.  He sleeps about 8-10 hours each night--thank you Doc-A-Tot!!
8.  Blake loves to be held and snuggled.
9.  At 2 months Blake weighs 11lbs. (12th %) and is 23 in. tall (24th %).  Blake's head size is 15 in. (54th %)
10.  Blakey still has a ton of Blond hair!!
We love our little Blakey Bear!