Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Happenings--2015

Although Summer has officially ended, we still managed to jam pack the month of September with lots of fun things to do.  Here is a little of what we did, in pictures, during the month of September:

We celebrated Lin's 30th birthday with a surprise birthday party.  We did a movie theamed party.  We had a concession stand full of popcorn, cotton candy, nachoes, and all kinds of other treats.  We watched "Herby the Love Bug" on a blow up screen outside in Amy and Jared's backyard.  It was such a fun night.  Happy 30th Birthday Lin!!

These 2 trouble makers were cought outside playing in grandma's planter dirt. 
We took the kids to the park, where Lydia, Landon, and Parks decided to climb a tree.  I was surprised to find Mason climbing the tree too and getting pretty high up there.
Movie night at Grandma Rozie's and Grandpa Christmas's house. 
My Knight in shining armor and my superhero.  I love these boys to the moon and back. 

We took a small family vacation to St. George.  We left on Thursday after Casey got done with work and came home on Sunday.  Mom and dad joined us on Saturday morning.  We had so much fun exploring Glitter Mountain, hiking through Pioneer park, watching movies, eating out, Casey and dad went shooting, eating Nielson's Frozen Custord, swimming, and relazing.  We had such a fun vacatin and can't wait to go back to St. George.  

The Monday after getting back from St. George, I got the boys out of the car after running some errands and they both fell asleep on the stairs.  Our vacation really wore these two boys out. 
Meg, Stacy, Myrn, and I went and saw the LDS Women's Confernece.  After we went to Brick Oven for dinner.

We had a wonderful month of September. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tanner at 1.5 years old and Mason at 3

On September 28th I took the boys in for their well child visits.  They both did great!
Here are Tanner's stats at 18 months old:
Weight--19lbs. in the 3rd percentile
Height--30 inches in the 3rd percentile
Head--18 inches in the 53rd percentile
Our little Tanner is just that...little.  He is a pretty good eater, so the doctor says his stats are probably just genetics. 
Here are 18 facts about Tanner at 18 Months old:
1.  Tanner is a mommy and daddy's boy.  He has a hard time going to anyone else.
2.  Tanner can say quite a few things, but my favorite are:  baby, truck, oh wow!, grandpa, grandma, momma, daddy, shoes, stinky (especially when he scrunches his little nose while he says is), and all done. 
3.  Tanner has almost all his teeth.  There is still a few in the back and his canines in the front that need to come in.
4.   Tanner started nursery and absolutely hates it.  His first week he screamed for 45 minutes before the leaders came to find me. 
5.  Tanner like putting a phone up to his ear and saying, "hello."
6.  Tanner wakes up around 2-3 times in the night.  I find his binky for him and he goes back to sleep.
7.  Tanner loves to eat any kinds of meat, but will not eat any carbs.
8.  Tanner loves to follow his big brother around.
9.  Tanner takes one 2-3 hour nap a day.
10.  Tanner loves balls of any kind.
11.  Tanner is super speedy when crawling down the stairs.
12.  Tanner loves the tub and shower.
13.  Tanner has learned how to crawl up on the couch and jump on it.
14.  If I'm in another room in the house and Tanner is in another, it usually only takes him about 1 minute before he hollers through the house to find me.
15.  Tanner loves doing the actions to wheels on the bus.
16.  Tanner loves treats of any kind.
17.  Tanner has a favorite blanket that he calls,"Elli" because it has elephants on it.
18.  Tanner loves to be read to and loves to sit on your lap while you read to him.
We love our little Tanner.

Here are Mason's stats at 3 years old:
Weight:  30lbs. in the 34th percentile
Height: 36 inches in the 29th percentile
BMI:  15 in the 44th percentile
You'd never guess Mason was only 5lbs. when he was born with these stats.  Here are 3 things about Mason at 3 years old:
1.  Mason loves trucks of any kind.  He can call any construction truck by name.
2.  Mason says pretty much everything.  I'm so proud of how far he has come with his speech.  It was just 6 months ago that I was so worried about him not talking and now he can talk your ear off.  He's so inquisitive about everything and wants to know about everything.  He is a very smart boy. 
3.  Mason loves being outside.  He loves riding his bike, playing with balls, running around, going to the park, etc.  Anything to do with the outdoors, he loves it.  Even when it is freezing cold outside, that doesn't bother our little Mason.
We love our little Mason. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mason's 3rd Birthday

Our little Mason turned 3 on September 16, 2015.  I can't believe that we have a 3 year old, time has gone by way too fast.  We are so grateful for our little Mason and we feel so blessed he is part of our family.  Here are 10 things we love about our little Mason at three years old:
1.  I love when Mason climbs out of his bed in the mornings, usually around 7:30-8:00, and crawls into bed with me.  Sometimes he crawls over Casey to get in between us, and sometimes Casey has gone to the gym so he just crawls in and asks me to cover him up because he is cold.   Sometimes he even enters our room in the mornings with his blanket over his head and his arms out acting like a monster and to top it off he even makes little monster sounds. 
2.  I love when he asks if he can sit on my lap when I read him stories for nap time and bed time.  He loves being read to.
3.  I love when he hears his daddy come home from work and he hurry and yells to me, "hurry momma we got to hide."  We usually hide in the closet, under the bed, or under a blanket, but it's always easy for Casey to find us because Mason is laughing so hard. 
4.  I love how he calls me mamma.
5.  I love to hear him count to 10 and name his shapes and colors. 
6.  I love to hear him read "Bobby the Bulldozer."
7.  I love to hear him say, "mommy you're pretty"  Although it's coming from a 3 year old, it still makes me feel like a million bucks.
8.  I love to hear him munch on Cheetos.
9.  I love that he is ALL boy.  He loves monster trucks, motorcycles, trains, and 4-wheelers.
10.  I have a love/hate relationship with the way he asks if we can go to Disneyland and ride the "carousal with Mickey on it."  One of these days I hope to make this dream come true for our little Mason, but as for now we'll just take him to his second favorite place...the condo.

We celebrated Mason's birthday with my family on September 6th.  Mason was so spoiled by everyone.  He had a great time celebrating with my family. 
On September 13th we celebrated Mason's birthday with Casey's family.  Casey's mom and dad came over for dinner then his siblings came over for cake and ice cream.
On Mason's actual birthday (September 16th) we celebrated with our family.  We met up with Casey for lunch at McDonald's with a PlayPlace and let Mason play and eat lunch.  Then it was home for naps.  When Mason woke up from his nap we let him open his presents.  He got a new outfit, some Legos, and his very own set of golf clubs.  We told Mason we would take him to the Provo Beach Resort after we opened his presents, but he said he just wanted to stay home and play outside with his new golf clubs. 

Later that night we ordered pizza for Mason and ate it with grandma and grandpa, Lin, and Mer and Garrett.  After dinner Mason got to open his presents from grandma and grandpa--a new church outfit and a remote control Grave Digger monster truck.  He also got to open his present from Mer and Garrett--a new monster truck.  Mason was, again, so spoiled. 
Here is the invitaion I made for Mason's parties. 
We are so grateful that Mason is part of our family.  I can't believe he is already 3.  He is growing way too fast.  Everyday I ask him if he'll please stop growing and he says, "mom I need to be a big boy."  We love our little "big boy!"