Monday, September 26, 2016

Mason at 4 years old and Tanner at 2.5

It's kind of nice having these two boys 1.5 years apart, because semi yearly and yearly check-ups usually fall around the same time.  Our trip to the doctor for their check-ups was an adventure.  Luckily, Casey was able to watch Blake for me so I didn't have to take him out of the house at only 1 month old. 
Mason at 4 years old:
Weight--34lbs.  (38th %)
Height--39 in. (39th %)
Mason ended up getting his kindergarten shots at his check-up.  He kicked and screamed the entire time, but after they were given, he finally calmed down.
Tanner at 2.5:
Weight--24lbs. (8th %)
Height--33in. (7th %)
Tanner remains our little guy.
Tanner got the flu shot and handled it like a champ!
That night Casey and I took the boys to Krispy Kreme, for donuts, for handling their doctor visits and shots so well. 
We love these boys!

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