Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Our February was like everyone else, we stayed inside to keep out from the cold.  Although we stayed inside most of the winter, we still had fun and made lots of new memories.  Here is a little overview of our February.
1.  Our little Blake turned 6 months old. He is such a joy in our family.

2.  Tanner went to his first birthday party. He was invited to Sam Benson's (in our ward) 3rd birthday party.  They had fun coloring, playing games, and eating cake.  Tanner was a little nervous to stay by himself so I ended up staying with him.

3.  Horsey rides
4.  My boys
5.  Blake trying out rice cereal.
6.  They boys sharing the kindle (rare moment at our house).
7.  Valentine's Day.  We celebrated by having a candle light pizza dinner with our little family.  I love celebrating Valentine's Day with my boys.
8.  Valentine's Day lunch.
9.  Blake learned to roll onto his tummy.
10.  Blake loves crossing his toes. 
11.  Mason trying on Blake's vest.  It's a little small.
12. Our first time to the park this year and Blake's first time in a swing.  He loved it!!

13.  Oh my Tanner.  I love him so much, but he definitely tries my patients. 
14.  On February 21st around 8:00 at night, we were playing around and Mason climbed up the side of our couch and toppled backwards landing on left elbow...again.  Casey and I immediately knew he had broken his arm again.  I took him to the doctors office.  And they scheduled me to get some x-rays done.  The x-rays came back positive that he again broke the bone right about his left elbow.  The next week he was in a sling and for the next 4 weeks after that he was in a blue cast.  I'm officially wrapping this boy in bubble wrap. 2 broken arms before he's even 5!!
15.  Mason in his sling.
16.  Tanner and Blakey bear.
17.  Blake fell asleep in his bouncer.
18.  The boys and I made an erupting volcano.  They boys had a blast painting it and setting it off.
19.  Mason and Blakey bear.
20.  Mason trying to find every position possible to find comfort while wearing a sling.
21.  Mason's broken arm sure has made him tired. 
22.  Tanner!!
We had a great February.  We are excited for March and for spring to come so we can start doing more fun things outside. 

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