Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Birthday

I'm officially 27 and we pretty much celebrated all week, as usual!  I love my birthday.  Every year Casey and family makes it a special day for me. 

This year the celebrating started on the Sunday before my birthday.  I always get the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family on Father's Day.  I love sharing the day with my dad!!  This year my mom had made one of my favorite meals...turkey sandwiches.  After dinner, we gave dad his Father's Day present.  We gave dad some new walking shoes and some fireworks.  Naturally we had to do off a few of the fireworks.  After the fireworks my mom and dad and siblings gave me my birthday presents.  I was definitely spoiled.  The night ended with singing happy birthday to me.

My birthday was on a Wednesday this year.  Casey always takes my birthday off of work.  He said this year he wasn't going to be able to because he has a lot going on at work that he couldn't miss, but when Wednesday morning rolled around, Casey was still around.  He took my birthday off after all.  We decided to take Mason and Tanner to the farm at Thanksgiving Point.  Myrn and Lydia and Parks came with us.  We had so much fun seeing all the different farm animals.  We also got to go on a tractor ride.  At the end we got to ride the ponies.  Mason was a little nervous at first, but once they started moving he loved it.  Towards the end of the ride, Mason tried bailing off the pony.  I'm glad I was standing right next to him, or he would have fallen off and gotten trampled by the pony.  I guess he got board with the ponies just walking around in circles. 

After the ponies, we decided to head home.  By this time it was about 3:00 and Mason was beyond ready for his nap.  We came home and I put Mason down for his nap, fed Tanner, then relaxed while Casey made me a birthday cake and decorated the house for my surprise birthday party. 

At 6:00 Casey had us gather into the car to go "somewhere."  Casey had invited my whole family to Taco Amigo for dinner and when we pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to see some of my family members and I was happy to be eating at Taco (Casey doesn't care too much for Taco Amigo).

After a delicious dinner, Casey had invited everyone back to our house for cake and ice cream.  Casey even spoiled me by buying my favorite kinds of BYU Creamery ice cream. 

I had a great day celebrating my birthday with the ones I love the most.  I can't believe I'm 27.  I'm getting so old!!

Orem Summerfest

I always love this time of year.  I love the warmer weather, kids out of school, the fact that my birthday is this time of year, and Orem Summerfest.  This year we, along with all the rest of Orem, Utah, rang in summer with a big boom, and we had a blast doing it. 

The carnival came to town on Friday, June 13th.  Amy and I decided to take on the adventure of taking all 7 kids to the carnival.  We met at 1:00.  The kids were so excited! 

We started out by looking at the city firetruck.  The fireman who was there gave us a 20 minute lesson on all the ins and outs to the firetruck.  The kids were so kind to stay patient and attentive during the L O N G lesson.  After the fireman was finally done, we decided to not go check out the ambulance, in fear we might be in for another L O N G informative lesson.

We headed over to the ticket booth and bought some tickets for the kids so they could ride rides.  Lydia, Landon, and Parks were really looking forward to going on the firehouse, it's pretty much a little obstacle course with a large slide at the end.  Mason and Ashley were a little too young to go on the Firehouse, so the next ride we went on was for them...the Pirate ships.  Lydia rode with Mason, Amy rode with Ashley, and Bud and Parks rode together while I stayed off with Tanner and Weston.  Mason loved the Pirate Ship ride.  

After the pirate ship ride we headed over to the boats.  I'm pretty sure Mason thought he was really driving them. 

After the boats, Ame decided to let her kids play a $1 game.  The object of the game was to throw a ball and depending which color of circle the ball landed in, determined your prize.  Everyone was a winner and Mase ended up winning a small stuffed heart. 

After the $1 game we headed back over to the Firehouse to let Lydia, Landon, and Parks ride it one more time.  Then we headed over to the motorcycles.  Mason loved the motorcycles and even cried when it was his turn to get off. 

Mason's last ride was the carousel.  The kids really wanted to do the large slides, so Amy bought a few more tickets.  Parker was too short to ride the slides on his own, so I rode them with him on my lap. 

We had a successful and fun time at the carnival.  Even Tanner was a little champ.  He spent most of his time in the Baby Bjorn asleep. 

Saturday night was the big grand parade.  I love the parade.  Even though we don't really watch it, it's just fun being apart of all the festivities.  Mom and dad had a yummy taco dinner then we went out front of their house to watch the parade.  Every year since I can remember, the parade has always started off with the canon.  This year was no different, but when the cannon was fired a spark landed in one of the powder pouches that a parader was wearing.  The powder burst into flames causing a few of the paraders to get burned.  Ambulances were rushed to the scene.  3 children were taken to the hospital, but no one was in critical condition (thankfully).  That was the most action I had ever seen in the Orem Summerfest Parade or any parade for that matter. 

Everyone enjoyed watching the parade, while snacking on treats. 

After the parade we came inside and got Mason and Tanner warm and into their pajamas.  Then it was time for the fireworks.  I loved having Mason sit on my lap for the fireworks.  He loved every minute of them.   

We love the Orem Summerfest and we are already looking forward to it for next year.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mason at 20 Months and Tanner and 2 Months

Mason is now 20 months old (he turned 20 months on May 16th).  Here is a little about Mason at 20 months old. 

Sleeping:  Mason still takes 2 naps a day and continues to sleep through the night.

Talking:  I'm starting to get a little worried because Mason still mostly grunts and points at things to communicate with me or anyone else.  I try to get him to say things all day, but he refuses.  He understands what I'm saying to him, but he still can't seem to form words himself.  I'm constantly told it's a boy thing, but I'm constantly wondering if this is normal.  Casey's mom said Casey did this exact same thing and then at about 2 he said his first sentence.  Maybe it'll be like father like son. 

Eating:  It seems as though Mason has kind of lost his appetite lately.  He'll eat pretty much anything, but not a lot at one given time.  I usually feed him all three meals and snacks in between because he doesn't eat much at each meal.  Mason's favorite snack seems to be popcorn.  The other day he was eating a day old bowl of popcorn that had been left out at Casey's mom and dad's house.  Mason still loved it even though it was a day old.  Mason still doesn't care for anything cold.  If I try to give him ice cream or a bite of my snow cone he just pushes it away and shakes his head no. 

Other:  Mason loves being outside.  Casey rebuilt our deck this past month, so we spend a lot of our time out on the deck.  Mason likes to ride his car or his bike on the deck while I rock Tanner. 
Lately, Mason loves to sit on our bed.  When I go and get him in the mornings he'll point to our room and want to sit on the bed.  I'm not really sure what his fascination is with sitting on the bed, but it's usually where Tanner lays so I like to think he likes to be by his baby brother.

Tanner is now 2 months old and I can't believe it (Tanner turned 2 months on May 25th).  It seems like he's growing so much faster than Mason did.  He's definitely starting to develop a little personality and we love him more and more each day.  Here is a little about Tanner at 2 months old. 

I took Tanner in for his 2 month well-check visit, here are his 2 month stats:
Weight: Tanner almost weighs 10 pounds which is in the 13th percentile.
Height: Tanner is 21" tall which is in the 5th percentile.
Head Size: Tanner's head is 15" round which is in the 13th percentile

Sleeping:  Tanner is doing great at sleeping through the night.  I usually feed him around 10 and rock him until 10:30.  Then Casey rocks him until 11:00 while I get ready for bed and I rock him until about 11:30 because this is usually my only Tanner and me time throughout the day.  After laying him down he'll usually sleep until about 6 in the morning.  I'll feed him at 6 where he'll usually sleep in until 8:30-9.  He's doing great and I actually feel like I'm well rested when I wake up in the mornings.

Talking:  Tanner's baby sounds are so cute.  Tanner has even started laughing a little, I love it!!

Eating:  Tanner eats 3 1/2oz. about every 3 hours.  For now he does great to not spit up as long as we burp him half way through his feedings and again at the end.  Tanner is a great eater and loves to eat. 

Other:  We love our little Tanner man.  He is so fun and we love his little personality that is starting to show.  Tanner still loves to be held and snuggled.  During the day he will not nap anywhere unless he is being held.
Tanner also loves being outside. Sometimes if I can't get Tanner to calm down, just walking outside helps him to calm right down. 
Tanner is getting so alert and more and more active everyday.  I can't believe what only 2 months will do, he's definitely growing too fast for my liking.     

We are loving every minute we get to spend with these two boys.  We are so grateful for their healthy growing bodies and their happy personalities. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

April and May Happenings

Good bye April and May, hello June. What!!!  April and May slipped right past me and now here we are into June.  Here is a little update about what we've been up to in April and May.

1.  Been watching this little man grow way  too fast. 

2.  Jack Riley Furr was born to Daniel and Stacy on 4/4/14.  He's so cute!!  I'm so excited for all these little boy cousins to grow up together. 

3.  We celebrated Easter with both families.  On Easter Sunday Casey took Mason down to his family's for dinner and a fun Easter egg hunt.  I stayed home With Tanner.  A week later I took Mason to my family's for a BBQ and a Easter egg hunt while Casey stayed home with Tanner.  We had so much fun celebrating with family and remembering the resurrection of our savior, Jesus Christ. 

4.  The weather was crazy during the month of April.  One day it was sunny and the next day was snowy.

5.  My sister, Amy, has one of these Cozy Coup cars and Mason loves it!  So when my sister saw a couple of cars at a garage sale she quickly called me and told me about them.  The garage sale wasn't opening until early the next morning, so I called my mom and asked her if she'd go and try to get one for me. Garage sales are definitely not her thing, but she went anyways and got one.  Mason loves it sooooo much!

6.  Started going down to the shop once a week, again, to eat lunch with my mom and dad. 

7.  Celebrated Mother's day at Myrn and Garrett's. Mason had his first fall, of many I'm sure, on cement steps.  He was pretty sad, but cheered right up after we let him watch his favorite move, Mator.  Casey gave me tickets to go see Peter Pan at the Hale Center Theater for Mother's Day.  We had so much fun watching the play while my mom watched Mason and Tanner for us. 

8.  We've been enjoying the beautiful warm weather by going on tractor rides with Uncle Tim. 

9.  Mason had his first taste of spaghetti and loved it!

10.  Mason's going through a phase of throwing everything in the toilet.  In one day, he threw a ball, a bowl, and his blanket in the toilet. 

11.  Tanner loves to be held.  He spends a majority of his day being held by someone.  One day the only way I could get him to sleep without being held was wrapping this soft blanket by his head.  He slept like this for about an hour. 

12.  Lin, Amy, and I, took the kids to the park to eat lunch and play.  We are so grateful to live so close to cousins.  Mason loves to play with his cousins, and cried almost the whole way home when he realized we were going home and not over to play at his cousins house. 

13.  Found Mason's shoes in the fridge.

14.  Celebrated Memorial day with my family by having a wienie roast.  That afternoon we celebrated with Casey's family with a BBQ in the backyard. 
Isaac and Tanner

15.  We are seeing lots and lots of smiles from this little guy. 

16.  Enjoyed eating Popsicles outside on a hot day. 

17.  We celebrated our 6th year anniversary.  Casey surprised me with a bracelet with a charm that has Mason's and Tanner's name and birthdays engraved on it.  I love it!! 

18.  Ryan and Meg had their baby, Maccoy, on May 27th.  He had a little bit of fluid in his lungs so they had to send him to the NICU for a little over a week.  We still haven't gotten the chance to meet this cute little guy, but we're looking forward to when we do.   

19.  Went to Taco for dinner one night where Mason really enjoyed the fry sauce and playing with Mabel. 

20.  Phil got married on May 31, 2014.  He got married in the Jordan River temple then had a lunch at the Springville Art Museum.  It was a wonderful day. 

April and May were busy months for us.  We are excited for June and for summer to have officially started.