Sunday, November 20, 2016

Front Sight and St. George--2016

Casey got another opportunity to participate in a gun training course in Nevada so I took the boys to St. George.  Here is a recap of our week.
Sunday, November 13, 2016--Casey left for Front Sight in Nevada.  The boys and I were so sad to have him leave.  It took awhile for me to even get Tanner to calm down (he's definitely a daddy's boy).  But after a little nap, we went over to my moms and ate dinner and things were looking up.  Our first night without Casey went great.  Everyone slept through the night.  Mason slept in my room with me in our bed. 
Monday, November 14, 2016--Everyone was really missing Casey, come Monday morning, but I did my best to keep us on our schedule so we'd hopefully have a great day.  We went down to the shop and ate lunch with mom (dad, Daniel, and Jared also went to Front Sight).  Then it was home for naps.  Monday evening mom, Mer, Garrett, Stacy and her boys, and Mason, Tanner, Blake, and I met up at Taco Amigo in Pleasant Grove. We had a great time!!  Our second night without Casey went great. 
Tuesday, November 15, 2016--We woke up and went to Lehi Bakery with mom.  We got some of their delicious square donuts for breakfast. Then the boys and I spent all day at the church setting up for my RS activity.   By the time we spent 3 hours over there, the boys were done!  We came home, at lunch, and took naps.  That evening, we went over to moms and ate dinner with mom, Myrna, and Garrett.  Our third night without Casey didn't go as well.  I think everyone was really missing Casey by this time. 
Wednesday, November 16, 2016--Woke up early and got everything packed and drove down to St. George with mom.  The boys did so good on the ride down, and I had a great time driving down with mom.  When we got to St. George, mom and I did a little bit of shopping.  After shopping we drove to the condo and unloaded our stuff.  After unloading we met up with Amy and Lin (who had just gotten home from Disneyland).  Mom and I went and got Poncho and Lefty's for dinner and we ate it at Clair's condo with Amy and Lin.  We had a fun time hearing all about their fun Disneyland vacation.  Mom and I went back to our condo and put the boys to bed.
Thursday, November 17, 2016--We woke up, ate breakfast, then met Amy, Ry, Lin, Meg, Stace and all the kids at a fun children's adventure park in St. George.  This park was so fun and hardly anyone there.  The kids loved playing on all the fun toys.  The park even had a small train that took you on a ride around the park.
After the park we took the kids to a McDonalds Playplace.  After the Playplace we went back to our condo.  That night we met up and ate Costa Vida for dinner at Clair's condo.  After dinner mom and I went back to the condo and put the kids to bed. Later that night Casey got home from Front Sight.  It was so fun to see him!!  Casey did so good at Front Sight.  He took a rifle class where he learned all about shooting his AR gun.  Casey even graduated as one of the top members of his class (Distinguished Graduate GD).  I'm so glad he got to go to Front Sight and that he had a great time!! We sure are glad to have our daddy back though. 
Friday, November 18, 2016--We all met up at Pioneer Park and hiked around for a bit. Mason and Tanner loved hiking around with all their friends.  After hiking, we all went back to our own condos for lunch and for naps.  We took the boys bikes, so after lunch the boys rode their bikes around in the church parking lot that is right behind the condo.
After riding bikes the whole family, except Myrn and Garrett, who couldn't make it on this trip, met up at the St. George city pool.  We swam and swam.  The pool was perfect for kids of all ages.  Everyone had a great time swimming.  After swimming we said goodnight and headed back to our condo.  We had Café Rio for dinner and Nielson's Custard for dessert.   
Saturday, November 19, 2016--We woke up, got the condo cleaned, got things packed up and ready to head home.  For lunch we met at Clair's pool house and ate pizza.  Then it was time for good-byes and we headed home. 
We had such a fun second trip to St. George.  I always love going with family.       

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